The metal scene in Argentina is very rich and full of talented bands and musicians. The historical "problem" has always been that the country is so far away from the main internacional circuit, plus the lack of local festivals or big events. Only a few bands ever made it to Europe so far.
Bringing Metal Battle to Argentina will give a big opportunity to local bands to launch an international career, and for the scene to be more exposed.

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Argentina


Schedule City Venue Date
finale Bueno Aires Roxy Live June 1st

Metal-Battle Winner in Argentina

Winner Band: Against

- 07.06.2016
LEPERGOD won the fight and are the official winners of the Metal Battle Argentina. They[...] more »

- 28.04.2016
MB Argentinia announced all their Metal Battle dates for the semi-finales and finale. The[...] more »

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Ayacucho 490 2do 7
CP1029 Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires