As a rather small country with such a huge amount of awesome metal bands as the Netherlands it’s always a privilege to participate in the Wacken Metal Battle. We are in it since the beginning in 2007! It is a cooperation with the Metal Battle NL and the Wacken Metal Battle for the preliminaries from which the crowd winner and the Metal Battle NL winner flow into the finals of the Wacken Metal Battle. Other bands are directly chosen by a steady group of metal specialists from within the Dutch scene. Every year we have 6 finalists and one Special Guest. We had Wacken Metal Battle winners Drone and Torture Squad and Wacken homies like J.B.O. The latest editions we decided to let Netherlands winner of the last year play as Special Guest!

The philosophy of the Wacken Metal Battle worldwide is what the Netherlands are working out as good as possible. Get bands on the road and play together! E.g. in 2014 Netherlands winner of 2012 Disquiet played as Special Guest at the finals in Luxemburg! As a result of that Cosmogon, the winner of 2014 final in Luxemburg, went on tour with Disquiet!! How cool is that? The true spirit of the Wacken Metal Battle. Metal unites!

In 2014 we switched venue to the more central located Effenaar in Eindhoven. Also home of the Eindhoven Metal Meeting.

Previous finalists:

2007: Mythlorian
2008: Ripsaw
2009: Reason To Kill
2010: Seven Ends
2011: X-Tinxion
2012: Disquiet
2013: Pause
2014: Purest of Pain

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Netherlands


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Metal-Battle Winner in Netherlands

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- 18.06.2014
The national MB winner from the Netherlands is called Purest of Pain! Purest of Pain[...] more »

- 02.04.2014
The Metal-Battle team in the Netherlands has announced the date of the national[...] more »

- 17.05.2011
The dutch Metal-Battle 2011 is over and the winner is X-Tinxion! The female fronted[...] more »

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