Slowly but surely, South Africa is putting her flag on the global map of Metal. In 2016 we were proud to bring home winning title, a first for any African country. This achievement by Cape Town’s Zombies Ate My Girlfriend, has inspired our small music scene at the tip of the “Dark Continent”. We are proud to be participating once again in 2017, to showcase our talented and energetic metal bands.

Metal music in South Africa has grown in the past decade, with the arrival of more bands and festivals; the genre is shedding negative connotation and perception in a country where heavy metal was once prohibited. We are seeing the arrival of more international bands doing club circuit tours and many of our own bands producing quality albums and exciting performances.

The Wacken Metal Battle 2017: South Africa will be held in heats across several cities across the country, with the final being held in Johannesburg, Gauteng, where we will pick South Africa’s top metal band to represent our country on the global stages.

All proceeds made from the events will go towards the winning band, so show your support, brothers and sisters of African metal!

Submissions will open in December. Please follow our facebook page for more information:

Sashquita Northey

Metal-Battle Tourdates in South Africa

South Africa

Schedule City Venue Date
Semifinale Cape Town ROAR MAR 02.
Semifinale Cape Town The Rabbit Hole MAR 03.
Semifinale Cape Town Aandklas MAR 04.
Semifinale Johannesburg Rumours Rock City MAR 09.
Semifinale Johannesburg Sundowners MAR 10.
Semifinale Johannesburg Wolmer Bush Lounge MAR 11.
Semifinale Johannesburg BurnOut Pub and Grill MAR 17.
Semifinale Johannesburg The Bohemian MAR 18.
Semifinale Durban The Winston MAR 25.
Finale Johannesburg Rumours Rock City MAY 06.

Metal-Battle Winner in South Africa

South Africa
Winner Band: Megalodon

- 23.01.2017
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- 22.11.2016
The Wacken Metal Battle South Africa have opened submissions for the 2017 competition. [...] more »

- 01.06.2016
Our ranks are filling up. Next winners are Zombies ate my Girlfriend from South Africa.[...] more »

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