The metal scene in Bulgaria has a peak in the last years. We have a lots of good bands that probably need more international attention. This is why we decided to promote and to be part of WOA Metal Battle family. 2015 issue have had 60 semi finalists and 6 days national contest. For next year(2016) we'll collect applications from 1-st of December 2015 until 5-th of February 2016. Depend on how many bands are interested and matching the requirements we will decide how many days and when the semi finals and final will be.

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Bulgaria


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Metal-Battle Winner in Bulgaria

Winner Band: tba

- 09.06.2016
METAL BATTLE BULGARIA has a winner! LIEVEIL conquered the stage with their mixture of[...] more »

- 09.04.2015
Check out the bands that participate in Bulgaria: 24 APRIL at Maimunarnika,[...] more »

- 06.11.2014
In 2015 Bulgaria will join the Metal Battle for the first time. The application process[...] more »

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