15.03.2012 16:28: Metal-Battle Central America - The Finals are drawing closer

Here is a short report about the progress of the W:O:A Metal-Battle in Central America:

Central America is living day to day the W:O:A metal battle on its veins. After the process of inscription and selection, 62 bands were selected to battle over the region over the 6 countries.

Panama and El Salvador just got this year a band so PERVERSO and NERVIAL were the first 2 ones to advanced automatically to the final in Costa Rica on March 31st against their upcoming contenders.

Guatemala did a preliminary battle and a final and CELULA got its place at the final.
Honduras did same well done work and in front of 1200 fans, KRISIS was the selected band from the jury.

Recently was the turn for Nicaragua, Country that didn't make it last year, but this year five bands battle over Managua and ARMORED FROM BEYOND will be in San Jose to dispute the place to play at Wacken Open Air.

Costa Rica got again a huge inscription, local promoter got a lot of work setting 32 bands to battle 4 preliminaries and a final, which is going to take place the 18th of March and decide the last band to be at the big Central American battle at the "Bone Breaker Festival" next Saturday 31st. 6 Countries, 62 Bands, just 1 winner, who will be at Wet Stage @ WACKEN OPEN AIR 2012.

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