About The W:O:A Metal Battle

The W:O:A Metal Battle is a contest founded in 2004 and startet indeed just as an idea to boost the future generations of Heavy Metal and Rock musicians. This contest has its origins in “The Cult Festival” ever, the Wacken Open Air. This festival, meanwhile the biggest Heavy Metal festival in the world, is supporting the future of Metal music and so it could be also your step into the professional business!

It started with the first contest winners in 2004: Reckless Tide a band from Germany won the first prize on the first metal battle at all, a record deal with the W:O:A: owned Label Armaggeddon Music. The following winners are known names in todays business, bands like "Gorilla Monsoon", "Drone", "Torture Squad" from Brazil, the Israelian band "The Fading", "Crysys" from Spain and last but not least "Hammercult" also from Israel.

  • One of the most important things for the W:O:A Metal Battle team and jury is the long ranged promotion of the respective band with a special focus on live-activity.
  • Our jury decides by quality not by superficial facts!
  • International winners get full top-quality endorsements and national artists get endorsements under special conditions as well.
  • This is an occasion to play live on the world´s biggest metal festival.
  • It´s a good chance to socialize with other bands and people from the business.