25.10.2010 16:36 Age: 7 yrs
Category: MB NEWS: INDIA
By: Metal-Battle Team

Metal Battle India - list of participating bands announced

Here are the participants for the 4 semi finals of the inidan Metal Battle:


Younsampl - www.myspace.com/yonsample

Silver Tears - www.reverbnation.com/silvertears

Dark Carnage - www.reverbnation.com/darkcarnageofficial

Insane Prophecy - www.myspace.com/insaneprophecy666


Silent Existence - www.reverbnation.com/silentexistence

Guillotine - www.myspace.com/guillotine0

Rabbit is Rich - www.myspace.com/yestherabbitisrich

IIIrd Sovereign - www.myspace.com/iiirdsovereignnew


Theorized - www.myspace.com/theorized

Inner Sanctum - www.myspace.com/innersanctumind

ec{c}entric pendulum - www.myspace.com/eccentricpendulum

ABANDONED AGONY -http://www.myspace.com/abandonedagonyind


Bhayanak Maut - www.myspace.com/bhayanakmautmusic

Elevation Dynamics - www.reverbnation.com/elevationdynamics

Goddess Gagged - metal|http://www.reverbnation.com/goddessgagged

AbraXas - www.myspace.com/abraxas

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