The W:O:A Metal Battle Caribbean focuses on the Caribbean Community, an area in the world where the metal scene has practically been untouched. This area covers the islands off the North-Eastern coast of South-America including three countries on the mainland of which Suriname is the hosting country.
A small region which has had very few opportunities to have their music be heard by the rest of the world and yet with a lot of potential. The music scene is thriving and bands have been hoping for a chance to play at major music festivals outside of the Caribbean. With the Metal Battle Caribbean now officially established, the local metal scene will finally get a chance to grow. This creates hope and opportunities for metal bands of this region to break out of their small communities, network outside of their own countries and also contribute to the international metal scene.
The W:O:A Metal Battle Caribbean will be held in Paramaribo, Suriname in April of 2016 and will be hosted by Unkie's Events & Bookings, which also organizes Unkie's Open Air, the biggest international open air Rock festival in this region at the moment.
In 2015 Team Caribbean were present as jury members at both the Wacken MB Netherlands and at the main Battle at W:O:A in Germany. This is where negotiations were finalized for the W:O:A Metal Battle Caribbean by the founder of Unkie's Open Air, Jerry Orie.

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Caribbean


Schedule City Venue Date
Finale San Fernandno The Linx Courtyard April 28th

Metal-Battle Winner in Caribbean

Winner Band: tba


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Jerry Orie
Managing Director Unkie's Events & Bookings
Paramaribo, Suriname

e-mail: jerorie(at) (Subject: Wacken MB Caribbean)