Denmark participated the first time in the W:O:A Metal Battle competition in 2010.
There had previous been different kinds of similar shows, but when Metal Battle entered the stage, it stood very clear that the Danish Metal scene needed the W:O:A Metal Battle.

So it was introduced in 2010 but not only as a competition. The intention was to extend the Wacken philosophy “to help boost the Metal scene”. In Denmark the jury also played the role as “band doctors” as well as being the judge of the day. The jury always contained of big players in the Danish metal scene, and so after each shows, the jury would have a sit-down with each band to tell good from wrong on their performance and how to proceed with their carrier. This was an instant success, and has ever since been a key function in the Danish Metal Battle edition (the jury-band doctor theme was also introduced at the International final at Wacken in 2011 and 2012).

A new concept was introduced in 2014 – a further development on earlier concept. The amount of participating bands was cut from 25 down to 10. Each band had to play two shows in the preliminary rounds, and this way they could work closer with the jury and get a chance to work with the feedback they got from the jury, before they had to play the second pre-show. This new way turned out as a huge success and the bands came out way stronger than the entered.
The other, and perhaps the most important idea, with this new way, was that the band played more times in front of a jury, which contained of concert promoters, reviewers and musicians. That way W:O:A Metal Battle ensured those participating acts, they would stand a better chance of getting shows in the future, compared to those bands that did not, simply because the promoters now had worked and talked with the bands.

The 2014 concept will be incorporated again in 2015 and will also be developed further to ensure better shows for the audience, and even better experiences for the bands and jury.

2010 – By The Patient
2011 – Aphyxion
2012 – Electric Hellride
2013 – DK on pause – did a Metal Battle tour in DK over 9 shows with the three previous winners.
2014 – Huldre
2015 - Savage Machine

About the Metal Scene in Denmark:
Even though Denmark is a small country with only 5 million inhabitants, the metal scene is relative big. Every bigger city (some 40.000+ people) has at least one or two venues and most of them will have metal shows on the bill every month. Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen naturally have more venues and shows every month, and it is also in these cities the big acts are doing their shows.
In some of the bigger cities you can find metal communities who put up metal show, festivals and different kinds of metal events. They all work voluntarily all in the spirit of METAL. Nordic Rock Booking doing the Aalborg Metal Festival, Metal Magic in Fredericia and Metal Royal doing the Royal Metal Festival in Aarhus are just some examples out of many.

Denmark has throughout the times delivered many hard rock and metal names. Just to mention some: King Diamond, Merciful Faith, D:A:D, Volbeat, Artillery, Invocator, Hatesphere, Mnemic, Raunchy, Illdisposed, Pretty Maids and many more… not to forget a quarter part of Metallica.
By The Patient
DK Winner 2010
DK Winner 2011
Electric Hellride
DK Winner 2012
DK Winner 2014
Savage Machine
DK Winner 2015

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Denmark


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Metal-Battle Winner in Denmark

Winner Band: Xenoblight


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