Japan has been a proud member of the Metal Battle community since 2012.
Across the years, our bands have always impressed international judges and Wacken fans, with young promising talents such as Hone Your Sense and Mysterious Priestess, as well as popular veterans such as Hellhound and Ethereal Sin.
Japan has one of the most passionate and dynamic underground Metal scene with highly skilled musicians often showing unique creativity, blending styles and sub-genres to produce some cult pioneer bands such as Sigh.
For the contest, our local supports include Red Rivet Records, Disk Union stores, Young Guitar magazine, Metal Bar Godz and Alien Soundworks guitars.
This year, the national final will take place in the heart of Tokyo at Shibuya Ruido K2 on the 5th of June 2016.
The winning band will then proudly head to Wacken to represent Japan with a true Samurai spirit!

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Japan


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Metal-Battle Winner in Japan

Winner Band: End all


- 08.06.2016
Japan has a winner! Vimoksha convinced the audience with good tribal, progressive metal.[...] 

- 15.05.2014
On Saturday May 24th, 2014 the national Metal-Battle final of Japan will take place in[...] more »

- 21.06.2013
Mysterious Priestess were founded in 2010 in Japan and were originally influenced by[...] more »

send applications to:
Red Rivet Records / Shiro Matsunaga
323-17 Ushijima Chikushino
Fukuoka 818-0014

email: metalbattlejapan(at)gmail.com
web: www.metalbattlejapan.com