Lithuania is a country of a lot of different kinds of music festivals especially in summer, including rock and metal events. We joined Metal-Battle in 2008. The main metal open-air events in Lithuania are: the Devilstone Open Air, festival of extreme metal music and rocknroll, and the Kilkim Žaibu festival of pagan / black metal and folk nature.

Most famous in-door metal events during the year usually take place in the capital Vilnius, local clubs – New York, Metro, Kablys, Forum Palace, Propaganda. These are gigs of various metal bands, usually being a part of their certain tours, also concerts of local meaning, and of course – the Metal Battle. Approximately 70 metal bands are active in Lithuania at present. The biggest metal communities are in the capital Vilnius and the second biggest LT city – Kaunas. The main event organizers in metal scene are: ALT events, Relax Live, BDG.

Participating bands so far:
2008: Mandragora
2009: Kielwater
2010: Soul Stealer
2011: Paralytic
2012: Inquisitor
2013: La Chudra
2014: Juodvarnis

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Lithuania


Schedule City Venue Date
Finale Kaunas Lemmy May 19th

Metal-Battle Winner in Lithuania

Winner Band: Phrenetix


- 14.06.2018
We are happy to announce the winners of Metal Battle Lithuania. Phrenetix is a blend[...] more »

- 23.05.2018
We have the Winner of Metal Battle Lithuania - Phrenetix. Progressive Thrash metal from[...] more »

- 08.05.2018
We have the finalist Bands for Metal Battle Lithaunia. These 5 bands are: ORB ([...] more »

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