Contrary to what most people believe, Mexico is a country located in North America. It has a vast history, great gastronomy, two oceans (Pacific and Atlantic) and a solid but somehow disperse metal scene.
When it comes to international bands, this is a great country to be because most of the time there will be a good crowd for them. The problem is the lack of support for the local scene, which by the way is really big, alive and moving forward.
Metal Battle Mexico started off as a dream of making one band play there at Wacken, the metal Mecca. Now it is a reality, a steady part of our scene, a contest that has taken 6 bands already there:

2009 – Split Heaven: a band from the city of Querétaro
2010 – Orcus O Dis: a band from borderline city of Ciudad Juárez
2011 – Voltax: a band from Mexico City
2012 – Rain Shatter: a band from Guadalajara
2013 – Behold The Grave: a band from the city of Chihuahua
2015 – Nuclear Chaos: a band from Mexico City

For the first five years, Metal Battle Mexico was held at the lobby of Circo Volador, an old cinema that has become the new cathedral of metal venues in our country. Starting last year we decided to take it to a new place called Gato Calavera. This a two story place that in the first story has a bar that without a stage sometimes holds punk shows. The second floor is a concert hall with a 300 persons capacity and bar service. It is very well located (one block away from a very important subway station) and it has quickly become a reference for rock shows. That one became our new house in 2015 and will hold Metal Battle Mexico again for 2016.
So, Metal Battle Mexico has brought to me a lot of great memories, too many to single out one but if pushed to do so, I will have to say that the first time the jury met at a dressing room to vote and get a name for the first Mexican band ever to play Wacken and then announce it from the stage, that was a great moment, for sure.

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Mexico


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Metal-Battle Winner in Mexico

Winner Band: Steel Night


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