Brazil W:O:A Metal Battle winners

Dear Metalheads,

we are proud to announce the winner of the Brazil W:O:A Metal Battle: SILENCE MEANS DEATH

Congratulations, see you in Wacken!!!

Your Metal Battle team
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Dear Metalheads,

there were 332 bands applying to the W:O:A Metal Battle Brazil 2009. Now, the 50 bands, nominated by Roadie Crew Magazine staff, will take part in the contest shows to define the national winner which is going to represents Brazil in Wacken Metal Battle 2009, in Germany, during the 20th edition of Wacken Open Air Festival.

The Brazilian part of the contest takes place in 10 regional shows with 5 competitors each show in 10 different cities throughout the country. The shows are scheduled to occur between April 5th and May 17th. The Brazilian Final will take place in Rio de Janeiro City, on May 24th.

Below are listed the scheduled shows of Wacken Metal Battle Brazil 2009, with the dates, the cities, the band names and respective MySpace sites:

April 4th - Porto Alegre/RS:

Disrupted Inc -
Predator -
Scelerata -
Swampy -
Symphony Draconis -

April 5th - Rio de Janeiro/RJ:

Dark Tower -
Farscape -
Hellbreath -
Hydria -
Scatha -

April 30th - Recife/PE:

Alkymenia -
Caravellus -
Infested Blood -
Obscurity Tears -
Oddiun -

May 2nd - Campinas/SP:

Exordium -
Gestos Grosseiros -
Goatlove -
Mothercow -
Slippery -

May 9th - Fortaleza/CE:

A Trigger To Forget -
Betrayal -
Dr. Divine -
Roadsider -
SamhainFall -

May 9th - Serra/ES:

Ass Flavour -
Bluster -
Lifeforce -
Poison God -
Silence Means Death -

May 10th - São Paulo/SP:

Der Wahnsinn -
Hollowmind -
Madgator -
Pastore -
Rexor -

May 16th - Curitiba/PR:

Panndora -
Sacredeath -
Semblant -
Tritura -
True -

May 16th - Florianópolis/SC:

Aldren Liebe -
Enforcer -
Orquidea Negra -
Still Life -
Symmetrya -

May 17th - Belo Horizonte/MG:

Avoid The Pain -
Dinnamarque -
Mercuryio -
Rosa Ígnea -
Silvercrow -

May 24th – Final Contest Show – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
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W:O:A Metal Battle Brazil 2009

Dear Metalheads,

the contestapplications is currently on the move and still going on until the end of 2008.

So hurry up and get YOUR slot until the battle takes a new chapter on the Wacken Open Air 2009!

Check MB-International for the right adress.

Your Metal Battle team
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