Estonian metal scene is very wide and different, and mostly all metal genres can be found here- form hardcore to power metal. W:O:A gives the perfect chance for Estonian musicians to be a part of these grand event.
This is the first year of Estonian participation in the contest. So, it is time to Estonian metal warriors to have a chance to spread the word on W:O:A stage!
The applications can be send from now till the end of February 2016. The bands apply for the participation in two semifinals for Spring 2016.
The schedule of the competitions will follow.

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Estonia


Schedule City Venue Date
Semifinal 1 Tallin Rockstars 11 MARCH 2016
Semifinal 2 Tallin Rockstars 12 MARCH 2016
Final Tallin Rockclub Tapper 21 MAY 2016

Metal-Battle Winner in Estonia

Winner Band: Horror Dance Squad

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- 30.05.2016
The winners keep coming. Next one is the winning band from Estonia. Horror Dance Squad[...] more »

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Metal Battle Estonia