The Faroe Islands are situated in the Atlantic Ocean about midway between Norway, Scotland and Iceland. Out of the 18 islands 17 are inhabited. The population of the islands are around 50.000 people. The mother language is Faroese, which has its roots in the old Norse language. Most Faroese people understand the other Nordic languages, both written and oral, plus nearly all Faroese speak and understand English as well.

The Faroese metal scene started in the early nineties, and has been steadily growing ever since. Many of the bands from this period, didn´t get as far as to record albums, instead releasing bootleg copies of their songs via tape, and also using single tracks on various compilations. Some of these aspiring musicians went on to form other bands, one of these became the Viking Metal band Týr, undoubtedly the biggest metal band to emerge from the islands.

The band´s success is also responsible in igniting the flame in many young musicians and metal enthusiasts, resulting in a record number of bands active on the islands these past years, many of them releasing full length albums, and some bands have even toured across Europe, in search of reaching out of higher and broader audiences.

2012 marked the first time The Faroe Islands participated in Wacken Metal Battle, with 8 bands entering the competition. The event took place in the capital of Thorshaven, in an old theatre called Sjónleikarahúsið. It was a remarkable evening, with blazing performances and companionship amongst the proud metalheads. Hamferð was announced as the winner that night, with their unique sorrowful Doom Metal with Faroese lyrics.

The chance to enter the Wacken Metal Battle concept in 2012 undoubtedly gave inspiration to the enviroment. Especially since Hamferð also won at the finals in Wacken the same year. It safe to say that it marked a new era of promoting Faroese Metal music from its isolated home location to the far corners of the earth!

In March 2013 the second edition of the event took place. This time the event was expanded to two days, instead of the previous 1 day show, since there were more bands attending. The venue was full of life the two days, and many metal heads attended from all over the islands. Both to see the bands compete, while also getting a chance to see Týr front-man, Heri Joensen's side project Heljareyga perform, while the judges made their decision on which band would win.

The winner ended up being SIC, which is a band with a 10 year history, and known as one of the heavy hitters in the Faroese metal scene. They did a great job at the finals at Wacken, and got really positive feedback from judges, and press.
The guys from SIC say that the metal battle experience sparked new life into the band, and they are really happy to have had the chance to play at Wacken.

In 2014 the Faroe Islands were representated by Earth Divide, which has been one of the bands that has showed the most potential on the faroese metal scene for quite some time. They played at Wacken Open Air 2014, but ended outside the top 5, and have since been working on new material.

After having chosen to hold a break in 2015, the team behind the Faroese Metal Battle has begun preparing for a new national event which will be held in March. We look forward to return to Wacken with another of the great acts that are located on these islands in the north.

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands

Schedule City Venue Date
final Torshavn Perlan 18 MAR 2016

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Faroe Islands
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