Metal-Battle Greece

'Greece has been active in the Wacken Metal Battle competition since 2008, organized by Loud Sound. Since then a plethora of metal fans have watched, hundreds of bands have applied, and a few of them were fortunate enough to excel in the competition through convincement, determination and perseverance and finally, win a ticket to play at the biggest metal festival in the world.
The Greek finalists were:
Nyne (industrial black metal ,2008)
Insidead (modern thrash metal, 2009)
Total Riot (tribal groove metal, 2010)
Deathclocks (alternative nu metal, 2011)
Mindthreat (modern metal, 2012),
Chronosphere (old school thrash, 2013) and
Kin Beneath Chorus (modern death metal, 2014).

Since the Greek metal scene is outside of the scope of many professionals in the metal music industry that are located in the central and northern Europe, Wacken Metal Battle Greece is the best way of proving the world that in the land of eternal sun and sea there are metal bands that work hard in order to achieve recognition beyond its borders.
Hence the stories of success came fairly quick; a few finalists in the Greek leg of the competition went on to sign with independent labels or a European tour with big name bands partly due to the exposure received at Wacken Open Air.
And the new chapter of 2016 is to about to unfold..'

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Metal-Battle Tourdates in Greece


Schedule City Venue Date
final Thessaloniki Eightball Club 23 APRIL 2016

Metal-Battle Winner in Greece

Winner Band: Tidal Dreams

- 12.04.2017
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- 06.02.2017
The Wacken Metal Battle Greece National Final has been set to be at the April 9th,[...] more »

- 25.04.2016
The final of Wacken Metal Battle was held at the 23d of April and the winners are heay[...] more »

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