In Ireland the Wacken Metal Battle is now in its fifth year having first taken place in 2011. So far, the competition has sent two bands, Coldwar and Warpath to compete at Wacken. The competition has gone from strength to strength each year growing from just 13 entries in 2011 to 30 in 2013. This is quite an achievement as the scene in Ireland is quite small and largely underdeveloped. Ireland’s population (north and south) is just 6.3 million. Despite our small size, the music industry here is disproportionately large. Irish people have a huge passion for music and traditional Irish music is known the world over.

Unfortunately, things are a little different when it comes to metal. Our most known metal exports are arguably Thin Lizzy, Therapy? and in more recent years Primordial. For the most part however the indigenous scene receives little media exposure and has always struggled. Things are however changing, with bands like Gama Bomb, Altar of Plagues and Darkest Era helping to prove that there is an abundance of talent bubbling under the surface. The growth of the internet and advances in home studio technology have seen an explosion in great quality unsigned acts.
The scene is primarily centred around Dublin and despite the difficult economic times, underground metal shows and clubs in the city are doing very well. Outside of the capital, Limerick, a small city in the south, has become the centre piece of the new underground scene which has become much more progressive and inclusive, fusing with elements from associated genres like hardcore and punk to make for a much bigger and far more vibrant scene. Belfast, Cork and Galway are other cities with strong local scenes and great bands.

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Ireland


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Metal-Battle Winner in Ireland

Winner Band: ZHORA

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- 13.03.2013
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- 29.05.2012
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