Recent years can only be described as a period of enormous growth for scene building in Metal South Africa. Our little corner of the world has now been recognised as a new and exciting location for bands abroad, stadium acts and independent bands all at once, to come and showcase what we've been yearning for - recognition. To experience these amazing sounds and to have the world know that we are here...

The W.O.A Metal Battle South Africa now returns to complete the local metal equilibrium. From International bands coming to our shores, to amazing local shows reminding the community the spirit of South African metal flows in local veins, to sending our country's finest to the international stage - that's what the Wacken Battle is all about! It's not just about playing alongside the biggest names in Global Metal, but sending our Local talent to the Global stage and representing us all at the Mecca of Metal - Wacken Open Air!

As per our usual policy, ALL funds generated by door sales will be given to the winning band to cover tour expenses - so play your part!

To enter the 2016 battle, E-mail a short bio, band logo, location and an mp3 to Louis(at)

The Battle lines have been drawn!

Metal-Battle Tourdates in South Africa

South Africa

Schedule City Venue Date
semi-final Kwa-Zulu Natal Winston 23 APRIL 2016
semi-final Cape Town R.O.A.R 28 APRIL 2016
semi-final Cape Town The Rabbit Hole 29 APRIL 2016
semi-final Cape Town Aandklas 30 APRIL 2016
semi-final Gauteng Rumours Lounge 05 MAY 2016
semi-final Gauteng Sundowners 06 MAY 2016
semi-final Gauteng Wolmer 07 MAY 2016
final Gauteng Rumours Lounge 28 MAY 2016

Metal-Battle Winner in South Africa

South Africa
Winner Band: Zombies ate my Girlfriend

- 23.01.2017
The Metal Battle South Africa has announced their new preround dates. Go check them[...] more »

- 22.11.2016
The Wacken Metal Battle South Africa have opened submissions for the 2017 competition. [...] more »

- 01.06.2016
Our ranks are filling up. Next winners are Zombies ate my Girlfriend from South Africa.[...] more »

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