Metal-Battle Winner in Austria

Winner Band: Silius

Silius is an Austrian Thrash Metal band founded in 2013. All the five members come from the same Heavy Metal background say Pantera, Metallica,..etc. and they have been playing in other musical projects before, some already together. 2014 SiliuS release their first DEMOn CD and since then they appear live everywhere they can! 2015 they win the Wacken Battle in Vienna and they are going to represent Austria @ the legendary Wacken Open Air Festival this summer! “This is a dream coming true!”
We burn down everything!

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Metal-Battle Winner in Bulgaria

Winner Band: Dash The Effort

The idea of the band is born in the begining of 2010, when Joro and Gio decide to record some songs together.After months of searching in the beggining of 2011 the band is in full band membership. A few concerts in Sofia and Plovdiv followed, but due to diferent circumstances the band again continues as Gio and Joro only. In the autumn of 2012, Dash the effort are joined by Jo and Magi and Daniel joins them later on.In 2014 a few concerts are following , as the first annual ,,Valentine's Massacre,, Minifest , and being a support band for Unearth in september. In the same time the band is recording their first EP, and they release the single to it ,,Redemption,, with a official video. On the 30th of January this year the band promoted their first EP "Polar Dawn".

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Metal-Battle Winner in Canada

Winner Band: Vesperia

The cloudy beginnings of VESPERIA lay etched in the gorged bodies of former musical projects among the now 4 piece band. Twisting, writhing and forcing their aural onslaught upon metal audiences across the globe have sincerely ensured the band’s continuity through all the harsh and arduous battles modern metal bands are sure to encounter in their tenures.
Originally formed in 2005 by lead vocalist/ bassist Morgan Rider as a black metal band, the sound, direction and theme of the music naturally evolved into the style of fierce and heroic metal the band is now known for. Shortly after releasing their long overdue brand melodic metal 2011 full-length ‘Voyage from Vinland’, VESPERIA redefined their purpose and direction once and finally with their 2012 demo ‘The Swordsman’ and 2013 full-length “An Olden Tale”, drawing the ears and attention of metal fans around the world and demonstrating their true mastery of their craft.
With the most fierce music written to date and a bounty of opportunity awaiting, Vesperia hungrily eye 2015 as the year they will make their mark upon the Earth.

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Metal-Battle Winner in Caucasia

Winner Band: Scratch The Floor

Scratch The Floor is a 5 piece Modern Heavy Metal band from Caucasus. Since 2012, the band recorded and released one self titled demo album, one EP, called "Rage EP", and an official music video. Scratch The Floor already has a solid local fan base and even played with bands such as Gorod, Thrashless, Lake Of Tears, Dead By April, Vader, Diary Of Dreams and Antimatter. This year they are going to visit Ukraine and... the Holy Land!
It is the third attempt and a lucky battle for them - the finally are the Winners of Metal Battle Caucasus 2015!

At this point, band consists of:

Sid - Vocals
Sick - Guitar
Irakli - Guitar
Steve - Bass Guitar
Akaki - Drums

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Metal-Battle Winner in Central America

Central America
Winner Band: ARAÑA

ARAÑA was the elected band the latest April 18th in San José Costa Rica. Out of 23 bands from the 6 participant countries, the metal tribal band from El Salvador has been choosen by the centralamerican jury to repesent the isthmus on Wacken Open Air 2015.
Is the second time that a band from that country will be on the International battle at W:O:A, the first one was VIRGINIA CLEMM on 2011 and the fourth time for Central America. On years 2012 and 2013 was a Costa Rican band the winner, CORPSE GARDEN and ROTTEN SOULS repectivily, now again El Salvador, the most little coutry in the region, will be at Wacken Metal Battle for the second time. After a year of break on 2014, ARAÑA, now as winner is already preparing his music to take over the stage at the german festival and make the crowd crazy and win the battle!!!

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Metal-Battle Winner in China

Winner Band: Dream Spirit

The band Dream Spirit went to Beijing in 2009 to develop further. Their obsession with music and fervent love of ancient Chinese culture is inherent in their musical rhythms and cadences. The sonorous and clear voice of the lead singer, and traditional heavy metal guitar riffing, volley back and forth within Chinese folk-inspired melodies. Together with artful, poetic lyrics, the band is shaping up to be a metal band with an exquisite Chinese style!
In 2013 got the best fan votes for "Most Favorite Chinese Style Rock Band" on the radio show "The Sound Stage" of China Radio International. In 2014, the single release "Shadows" top Nr. 1 on China Rock Music Charts Issue No. 247. In 2015, a new bass player joint the line up, Liu Zheng who is also known as the front man of the national metal heros SUFFOCATED. With the new line up, Dream Spirit participated on WOA Metal Battle China 2015, with the highest jury vote, they make it to become winner of year and will represent China to perform and compete on the world final of Metal Battle at Wacken! For the new bass player, it would be his 2nd time since he with his SUFFOCATED already opened for the Party Stage on W.O.A. in 2012!


Metal-Battle Winner in Denmark

Winner Band: Savage Machine

Savage Machine from Aarhus, Denmark are here to revive old school heavy metal and carry on the torch for the kings of metal. Five skilled musicians, all deeply rooted in the danish underground metal scene, now ready to surface and take on the world.
Savage Machine is currently busy booking concerts and doing interviews promoting their latest EP Through The Iron Forest.
Through the iron forest is a six track Ep that takes you on a journey through the moral, the psyche and the unavoidable destinies of the human experience. The EP was recorded in the familiar settings of Jacob Bredahl’s Dead Rat Studio and was mas¬tered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege.
Savage Machine was formed back in 2011 by guitarist Jacob Bruun and drummer Martin Helbo.
A shared love for old school heavy metal brought the full lineup together early 2012.
Since then Savage Machine has been extremely active on the Danish heavy metal scene playing a huge amount of concerts across the nation both headlining, co-headlining and as support for bigger act’s.

Troels Rasmussen – Vocals
Jacob Bruun – Guitar
Simon Kalmar Poulsen – Guitar
Benjamin Andreassen – Bass
Martin Helbo – Drums

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Metal-Battle Winner in Ex Yugoslavia Rep.

Ex Yugoslavia Rep.
Winner Band: The Loudest Silence

Formed in Sarajevo in 2010 by the vocalist Taida Nazrai? and the keyboardist
Denijal ?atovi?, The Loudest Silence is an emotional and explosive combination
of European symphonic metal and elements of epic movie soundtracks.
A friend of the band and a German journalist Christopher Rimmele described the
sound of the band as follows:
"Those who haven't heard The Loudest Silence do not understand the special
mix of joy and melancholy that coins the Balkans."
The multilayered, atmospheric music of the band has been heard all around
Bosnia and Herzegovina and throughout the region. The band played all the
major festivals in the country and the Balkans, with the performance at the
prestigious Metaldays festival in Tolmin, Slovenia in 2013 being a certain
This year The Loudest Silence will finish recording their debut album called
“Aesthetic Illusion”, which should be released by the end of the year. The first
single called “Wood Nymph” will be available this summer, right in time for the
festival season!

The Loudest Silence line-up:
Taida Nazrai? – vocals
Denial ?atovi? – keyboards
Mirza ?ori? – guitars
Džemal Bijedi? – bass
Damir Sinanovi? (Bumbar) – drums

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Metal-Battle Winner in Finland

Winner Band: Shiraz Lane

Straight to the business in one sentence: Imagine The Darkness, Skid Row, GNR, Hardcore Superstar and some young 2010´s energy combined together, add the peace sign and... I´d like to introduce you one of the most talented and promising new hard rock bands coming from Finland – Shiraz Lane!
The guys are in their early 20s, but already now true live show machines, very work-oriented and ambitious in playing live wherever and whenever possible. They´ve spread their rock hurricane around their homeland Finland, Canada and this spring in Tokyo, Japan – now it is time to rock Germany between their shows in biggest Finnish summer festivals, such as Tuska Festival and Qstock.
”Be The Slave Or Be The Change” EP (available also in Wacken) was released on the 8th of May, and the band is working on new songs for their debut album, due 2016.

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Metal-Battle Winner in France

Winner Band: Impureza

Born in 2004 by the idea of Lionel who agreed with Laurent (Bass vocals) to make the Spanish blood run with the violence of death metal attitude on a stage.Impureza started to work on their uncommon proposal of spanish mood and brutal fury.After having auditioned various drummers, Guilhem (Veloce Hystoria) joined the band and due to the departure of Greg (guitar), Rafael (guitar) succeeded in taking his place to complete the formation.
So far, three demos have been released: "Y Correra La Sangre" (2004), "Ruina De La Penitencia" (2006), "En El Desierto De La Creencia" (2008).In 2010, the band was ready to unleash to the audience their first full length, titled "La Iglesia Del Odio", mixed by Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast) and mastered by Colin Davis (Vile).
They played twice at the Hellfest, in 2007 and 2011, and twice at Motorcultor in 2009 and 2012.
So far, they have supported well-established acts such as Suffocation, Gojira, Monolith Death Cult, Disavowed, and Svart Crown...Impureza has participated in numerous local gigs as well as more major ones in places such as France, Belgium, and Holland, just to name a few.Changes in the roster didn't halt the band's progress, whom are ready to enter the studio to record the new album in early of 2015.
With the entrance of Esteban (ex-Como Muertos) as the growler and Florian (ex-Glorior Belli) as the bassist.
The combo released a brand new EP and allow us to taste a bit of Spanish aggression before the release of their full length album.
Influenced by Nile, Behemoth, Origin and the mighty flamenco star Paco De Lucia, Impureza elaborates on events from Spanish history, conquerings and massacres.
Be prepared for epic songs, disciplined riffing, and blast beats with a dark and suffocating ambient atmosphere. Let the Iberian voracity devour you. El Sufrimiento empieza !

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Metal-Battle Winner in Hungary

Winner Band: Don Gatto

Don Gatto is a hardcore band formed in Szekszard, Hungary in 2009 by vocalist / bass guitarist Weisz (ex-Chaos Of Disorder) and guitarist Acelos (ex-Furgerokalabak). We found a vigorous drummer called Halasz and started to giggin'.
We released our first EP in january 2010 and the next one in april 2012 called "Second". It contains four tracks and the cover of Midnight Oil's "Beds Are Burning". This EP features guest vocals by Vígó and Kisbé of the Hungarian punk legend Aurora, Bölcsföldi Zoli of Cadaveres and Mr. Gary Meskil of the mighty Pro-Pain.
At the end of 2012 we released a split EP with No Mute - our friends from Switzerland - called "The Great Split Swap" on we play eachothers' songs.
We had about 350 shows so far not only in our home country but in Serbia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Belgium, France, Holland, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Lativa, Estonia and the Czecz Republic.
Early 2013 we took part on a European tour consisting of 23 gigs with Pro-Pain, Undivided and Six Reasons to Kill and made 3 self organized European tour and one more with our friends, 47 Million Dollars from Germany.
In the summer of 2014 a singer, Budavári (ex-Sick Room, Dirty Dawn) and a new drummer, Kákonyi (ex-Nekrofilia, Dumb Noise, Sonic Rise) joined the band.
In april 2015 we released a our fourth EP called "Sawbotage!". Four songs, more melodies and a tiny bit of piano played by Jozzy Takács (Leander Rising, String Theory).
We supported Death Before Dishonor, Napalm Death, Madball and Hatebreed too.
We do it hard, we do it simple and - thank god - we do it short.

Don Gatto is Budavári - vocals | Weisz - bass | Kákonyi - drums | Acélos - guitar

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Metal-Battle Winner in Iceland

Winner Band: In The Company Of Men

In The Company Of Men (ITCOM) is a four piece hardcore/math-core act from Iceland that has made a name for itself, not only through their unique sound and always explosive live shows, but also with the unpredictable nature of their provocative, aggressive and entertaining attitude - you never really know what you’re going to get with these guys.
Since its formation in 2011, the group has toured its native country ceaselessly, placed 2nd in Iceland’s National Battle of the Bands competition, and released an EP independently.
The band is currently working on its debut LP and showing no signs of ever taking as much as a breather.

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Metal-Battle Winner in India

Winner Band: Sycorax

Sycorax is a four piece death metal band from Darjeeling a small town in India. The band is currently done recording their debut album "Sycotherapy" which is slated to release this August!
Ever since the bands inception in 2011 the band has been playing gigs in and around India and has opened for some the international bands that have hit the Indian shores for the past few years.

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Metal-Battle Winner in Israel

Winner Band: Walkways

We each choose our own path and thread our own walkway. This sentiment is what gathered Walkways to play together and start making a path of their own. With a blend of everything that is relevant on the verge of heavy and alternative music, Walkways came like a storm to the Israeli metal scene. A rising tide on the shores of Tel Aviv's hectic way of life, Walkways have captured the hearts and minds of thousands both locally and internationally.

Walkways is an alternative metal band based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The band started off in 2006 under a different moniker and line-up but solidified in 2010. The band is driven with a goal to keep sane and evolve into more humane and moral people while writing their music - the soundtrack of the highs and lows of their lives.

The album "Safe in Sound" was released in May 2013, and was mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Soilwork, James LaBrie..) at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden. It was recorded in different studios in Israel, and was produced independently by the band. The album displays a wide array of songs - each song is composed and arranged to fit the lyrics - that come from personal experiences, to bring out all the causes and emotions that gave birth to the text which tell the familiar stories of dealing with the natural impulses of the human mind, and maintaining an aware and controlled mind. Walkways are:
Vocals - Ran Yerushalmi
Guitars - Bar Caspi
Guitars – Yoni Menner
Bass - Avihai Levy
Drums - Priel Horesh

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Metal-Battle Winner in Italy

Winner Band: Deathless Legacy

Deathless Legacy is an Italian horror metal band born in 2006. In 2014, their debut album "Rise From The Grave" was released; a summary of all the horror and macabre things that haunt their creepy minds, mixed to a hazy but strong sound. In June 2014 Deathless Legacy played as the opening band for Rob Zombie (Alcatraz, Milan), while in September 2014 Alessio Lucatti - aka Alex Van Eden - from Vision Divine, joined the macabre circus. A curse that never stops and increases day after day, that's what Deathless Legacy means.

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Metal-Battle Winner in Japan

Winner Band: Ethereal Sin

ETHEREAL SIN was formed in 1997 by Yama Darkblaze in Kobe, Japan.
Their main inspirations have been Animism and early Paganism.

They describe their sound as "Elegiac Black Metal", a blend of symphonic black metal and oriental melodies with fast dramatic orchestrations and a male/female leading vocal duo.

Following a few early underground releases, the band had to take a long break due to Yama's serious personal issues.
In 2007, following several lineup changes, Ethereal Sin was finally reborn from its ashes, now based in Tokyo.

In 2009, Ethereal Sin released their 1st full length album: "The Abyss will also gaze into thee".
In 2010, they released a 2nd EP: "The Psalms of Forgotten Saga", followed by their 1st Live DVD "Live at the Stormy Night" in 2011.
They started touring more frequently and aggressively, quickly conquering many metal fans across Japan's dark underground scene.
In both 2012 & 2013, they qualified for Metal Battle Japan's final stage but unfortunately didn't manage to win the gold.
In the meantime, they decided to re-record completely their early material and re-released their 1st album in Feb 2013. They also had the opportunity to play at Hammersonic, the Biggest Extreme Metal Fest in Southeast Asia, headlined by CRADLE OF FILTH. Later that summer, they toured Japan with Australia's NE OBLIVISCARIS, then with black metal legends MARDUK while promoting their latest album release: "Millendium".
In 2014, they continued touring actively, supporting PERSEFONE, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and ENTOMBED A.D. during their respective Japan tours. Later that year, they played on their first headliner tour in China and toured Korea & Japan with CATAMENIA while promoting their new split album (with DARK MIRROR OV TRAGEDY), and also appearing in Japan's Metal Pagan Alliance with MOONSORROW and ALESTORM.
In early 2015, they once again supported MARDUK on their latest Japan tour, then played in Korea for DARK MIRROR OV TRAGEDY's 10th anniversary event.
Following a couple more member changes, they once again decided to battle hard for their Wacken dream and entered Metal Battle Japan's final for a 3rd time. Their ever-improving performance and unbreakable samurai spirit finally earned them the opportunity to play at Wacken's holy land, and they now prepare to raise the Japanese Metal flag high and continue to conquer new territories across the Metal planet.

Yama Darkblaze: Grim & Male Vocal
Sariel Evileye: Lead Guitar & Chorus
Kohen Schnitter: Rhythm Guitar
Seth Maelstrom: Bass & Chorus
Leon Magatsuhi: Drums
Morgan la Fay: Female Vocal & Keyboard (Live)

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Metal-Battle Winner in Latvia

Winner Band: Legacy ID

Legacy ID is a modern progressive metal band from Riga, Latvia formed in February of 2013. Legacy ID is the idea of "progressive music for progressive minds". The band strives to surpass listener’s expectations and raise the bar in all areas of music by successfully fusing together the best qualities of many genres; heavy grooves with captivating melodies, metal riffs with catchy choruses, intelligent design behind raw emotions, odd-time feels with simple clarity. Legacy ID is when hard work meets talent with a common goal - evolve, progress and inspire.
The debut album called “Genesis” was released in June 2014 and band was awarded as “Latvian metal debut of 2014” by Latvian metal music awards.

Current line-up:
Andis J?kabsons (Vocal)
Artis Apinis (Guitar)
Agris Siksna (Guitar)
Reinis Rijnieks (Guitar)
Ivars Logins (Drums)

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Metal-Battle Winner in Mexico

Winner Band: Nuclear Chaos

Nuclear Chaos is a Young Melodic Death Metal formed in 2009 and established in Mexico. They released “Absolution”, their debut album in 2013 to good critics and attracting the attention of both the audience and international personalities.

In 2014 they played at the second stage of Metal Days Festival alongside bands like Vader, Aborted, Immolation and Havok. In 2015 the band released “Suffocate”, their first official video with guest appearance on vocals of David Vincent, legendary bass player from Morbid Angel.

“Suffocate” was one of six new songs released in early 2015 as an EP titled “Ruins of the Future. This group of songs are the ones they are playing on their current tour that includes another stint at Metal Days, only this time on the main stage with such bands as Arch Enemy, Behemoth and Dream Theater and the 26th edition of Wacken Open Air as representatives of Mexico at Metal Battle.

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Metal-Battle Winner in Middle East

Middle East
Winner Band: Blaakyum

Blaakyum is a veteran Lebanese Metal band, conceived in the summer of 1995, five years after the end of the Lebanese Civil War. The Metal scene in Lebanon rose from the ashes in the mid-1990s, and Blaakyum was at the forefront in the battle for proving that Heavy Metal can exist in the Middle East.
Blaakyum’s sound is a unique blend of Thrash, Heavy and Groove Metal infused with Middle Eastern and Levantine folk music vibes, a nod to the band’s origins and influences, coming from a country that straddles eastern and western civilizations on the south-eastern coast of the Mediterranean and with members inspired by Metallica, Testament, Overkill, Annihilator, Onslaught, Slayer and Iron Maiden, just to name a few, along with oriental music Icons such as Fairouz, Sabah and Marcel Khalife.
Winning Lebanon’s Battle of the Bands in 1997, Blaakyum released its first single, “Am I Black,” in 1998, at the height of the anti-metal witch hunt conducted by the Lebanese religious and political authorities, who considered anyone affiliated with the scene a national threat, and during which the band’s founder and frontman, Bassem Deaibess, was detained and jailed simply for being a Heavy Metal musician and fan.
Blaakyum was one of the first Lebanese Metal bands to have their music played on national radio, and gathered a faithful following that continues to grow. In 2001, the band played at Lebanon’s first Rock Nation festival, at which the whole of the 2000-strong crowd sang along to “Am I Black,” knowing the lyrics by heart.
Lebanon’s dire economic conditions and a mixture of personal and health problems that hit the band’s members meant that Blaakyum was then forced to split. Deaibess continued to perform with other bands but many of the Lebanese Metal scene’s members were forced to emigrate in order to make a living. In 2006, war hit Lebanon again, destroying much of its infrastructure (electricity, water, roads), which remains in disarray.
But by the end of 2007, Blaakyum was back with fresh new members that Deaibess picked from the talented new generation, and won the Lebanese Nationals in the Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB), representing Lebanon in London—the only Middle Eastern and only Metal band in the competition. Among 3000 bands that participated in the GBOB and 35 finalists, Blaakyum earned a respectable 7th place.
The following year, Blaakyum entered the studio to record its debut album, a process that took more than four years to be completed due to Lebanon’s deteriorating economy and the lack of Metal-friendly studios and rehearsal facilities. The band finally managed to release the critically acclaimed “Lord Of The Night” on Friday the 13th of January 2012.
Despite the revival of the anti-Metal witch hunt and Deaibess’s second detention, as well as the worsening political and security situation in Lebanon, Blaakyum set on the "Night Lords" tour that took it all over Lebanon as well as Egypt, and that made it the first independent unsigned band to organize its own East and Central European tour, performing in Metal Heads' Mission 2012 in Ukraine, MetalCamp 2012 in Slovenia, and playing gigs in Slovakia (Bratislava - Randal Club) and Poland (Warsaw - Progresjia Club). Blaakyum subsequently performed on the main stage at MetalDays 2013 (formerly MetalCamp) and began working on its second album.
In 2015, Blaakyum became the Middle East winner of Wacken Open Air’s Metal Battle.

Blaakyum are:

Bassem Deaibess: vocals, guitar
Rabih Deaibess: lead guitar
Rany Battikh: bass
Jad Feitrouni: drums
Elie Abou Abdo: tabla/oriental percussion (session player)

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Metal-Battle Winner in Netherlands

Winner Band: For I Am King

For I Am King is a five-piece female fronted metal formation hailing from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The band combines furious metal riffs with defining melodies and pounding drums. This kingdom is ruled by Persian vocalist Alma, who screamed her way to the throne. Playing over 50 shows in 13 months in 6 diffirent countries (Germany, Belgium, England, Wales, Scotland and Holland), releasing their debut EP and dropping 3 video clips FOR I AM KING is ready to conquer the metal scene.
It's simple... just metal!

Alma - Vocals
Jasper - Bass
Jurgen - Guitar
Jaap - Drums
Wouter - Guitar

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Metal-Battle Winner in Norway

Winner Band: Troldskugge

In the fall of the last millennium a band named TROLDSKUGGE saw the dark of a new day. Formed by Grimefand and Dauing as a tribute to the mighty Norwegian nature. They composed a few songs, but left it at that.

In the year 2010 the band arised with a complete line-up, featuring Ligtaar and Rimtyr on guitars, Garv on bass, Dauing on drums and Grimefand on vocals. A five track demo was conjured during late 2012, named "Gravid oc Graa".

Garv chosed in May 2013 to leave the band. A replacement was made soon therafter in the name of Gravsnig, wich is now their new bass player.

Troldskugge is in full dedicated to the elder times in Norway, focusing in old Norwegian superstition, especially the beleif in Fanden. Their lyrics are formed in an ancient Norwegian tounge, and it is the imagination, thoughts and visions of Norway in the late 1800`s.

Musically they have the same hailing towards the older times in Norway, a melodic structure inspired by traditional folk-music entangled with the extreme.

Grimefand - vocals
Rimtyr - guitars
Ligtaar - guitars
Gravsnig - bass
Dauing - drums

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Metal-Battle Winner in Poland

Winner Band: Materia

Materia is a relatively young band based in Szczecinek, Poland. Formed in November, 2007 by two brothers Micha? “Mihu” and Tadeusz “Tede” Piesak and their good friend Jakub “Marcia” Marciniak. The band surprisingly quickly started writing its own material. Finally in the beginning of 2009 they released their first demo “Vandals”. In 2010 Adrian “Adi” Dubi?ski joined Materia on the second guitar. His talent opened the band for new better sound and it was another step ahead. A Year later their first official EP called “Holidays On The Angels Island” (2011) was out. Materia had officially became popular in whole Poland, which led to them play the shows all over the country, winning young band competitions and starts to play therir first polish tours. After 6 years Materia gets to the breaking point of their musician path. On the begin of 2013 they finished and released first LP “Case of Noise” and gets to “Must be the music” – the most popular talent show in Poland. Finally 2nd place give them chance to promote their music in mainstream television and spread the word about band not only among metal fans. Until that time band played over 150 shows all over the country and they still have more and more offers. Materia was invited to be a support on tour with DECAPITATED in the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015. Currently the band is working on new material, that is about to be released 29.08.2015. They are also was on their first European Tour with Russian friends from Change of Loyalty! Materia had a honor to play in greatest Egypt festival Metal Blast 28.03.2015. Stay tuned… history just begins.

They had an honor to share stage with such bands as: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Dog Eat Dog, Hunter, Decapitated, Frontside and many more!

They played on such festivals as: Sonisphire (2010), Przystanek Woodstock (2011), Jarocin Festial (2010). Metal Fest (2013).

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Metal-Battle Winner in Romania

Winner Band: Dark Fusion

"Dark Fusion" was born in the beginning of the 2010. The sound is a fusion between industrial and death metal. In the autumn of the 2012 the first album was released : “InFusion” and it was promoted with concerts in Romania & Hungary.
2013 came with the maxi-single ''Dark City'' launched on 25th of October at "Gothic Fest Sofia" and on 2th of November at Bucharest.
This year the band plans to release the second album "Cyber Nation", where the industrial sounds will be even more powerfull.

"Dark Fusion" means :
Florin – vocals
Gabi – lead guitar
Alex – rhythm guitar
Tedy. – bass
Adam – keyboards
Teo - drums

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Metal-Battle Winner in Slovakia

Winner Band: Renaissense

The origin of the band Renaissense goes back to the year 2011. It was the time when the three members of the band (Marko Hundža, ?ubomír Sentpetery, Petra Bangóová) were still in their former power metal band called Prevrat and were a little bit unsatisfied with it. After some time Petra and ?ubomír started a new band. We asked Marko to join us and he agreed. All we knew was that we want to play power progressive metal because we felt it is the best one in terms of expressing ourselves and our ideas and feelings. In the summer of 2011 we started to look for a drummer which would meet the genre and personal requirements.

Meanwhile we were thinking about the name of the band and the universal idea that we all could identify with. Marko was always fascinated by the idea of rebirth so we started to ponder about it because we somehow felt that we want this to be positive. ?ubo suggested the name „Renaissance“. It fit the idea of rebirth. But then Petra came with the idea of replacing „sance“ with „sense“ and it was it. It gained a particular edge and a slightly different meaning.
We believe that the word Renaissense literally means „a new sense“. And to maintain the original idea of rebirth we added a mythological creature phoenix to the band logo.

New drummer joined the band on September 1st 2011 after a single rehearsal in his rehearsal room. It wasn´t easy to talk him to do it but in the end he said yes.

Later in the beginning of the year 2012 we decided to add a second guitar to enhance the heaviness. The new guitar player Norbert Bajzat brought a serious whirlwind of heavy tonnage riffs to the band.

The range of what we´re listening to is very wide. From extreme genres through progressive, heavy, speed, power metal and rock to a little bit more „mainstream-ish“ genres. We want our music will be honest, passionate and powerful and we feel that power progressive expresses these things the best way for us.

In the end of 2012 we had enough material to record a full length album. The whole process of recording lasted until March 2013. On the 15th of June 2013 we released our debut album called ...Like My Pain Never Lived. We made sure that the idea of rebirth was maintained. Do whatever you want to do just like your pain never lived. Everybody has their own tragedies in their lives. Their own pains and low places. But we all should do everything we can to move on.

Couple of band contests occurred in 2014 where we ended up in finals. For the first time we got to play abroad in Czech republic but the highlight of the band´s whole existence came in April 2015 when we won Wacken Metal Battle Slovakia which is a huge success for a band from a small Slovakian town called Rož?ava.

We will see what the future will bring us in these difficult times but we will do everything we can to learn and get better and enjoy every single minute of it.

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Metal-Battle Winner in Sweden

Winner Band: Summoned Tide

Summoned Tide is a tight, melodic metal band from Robertsfors in Västerbotten, Sweden.
In their music You can find influences from Uriah Heep, Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Helloween. The band started in 2004 and they have managed to get the name "one of the hottest bands from the North on the metal scene" in media. Rickard with his magical voice which is compared with the celebrities like Bruce D, Geoff T, Kai H and M Kiske.

Rickard Thelin Vocal / Lead Guitar
Jennifer Sikström Vocal / Bass
Ryan O´Shea Drums
Mikael Thelin 2nd Guitar
Jimi Toivanen Synth / Piano

They have played on a number of festival gigs, like: NORDIC ROCK, Umea, SE, July 2012, (warm up for Hammerfall, Headline) SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL, Norje, SE, Jun 2011 (Ozzy, Judas Priest Headline) ROCK OUT WILD, Sorsele, SE, Aug 2011 (Crucified Barbara Headline) HOUSE OF METAL, Umea, SE, mar 2011, (U.D.O. Headline) The band has released two album "If We fall" We will Rise " and "The Bringer of the Tide ". They play only self-produced material. Their albums has had been well received by critics in and outside Sweden.

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Metal-Battle Winner in Switzerland

Winner Band: Stortregn

Stortregn is a black/death metal band from Switzerland formed in 2005 and gets its influences from the Nordic black metal scene from bands like Dissection, Naglfar, Watain and Necrophobic. Very appreciated for their live shows, Stortregn has become an inevitable band in the world of Swiss black and death metal.

They have shared the stage with nameable artists like Samael, Prostitute Disfigurement, Dew Scented, Cor Scorpii, Forgotten Tomb, Eluveitie and Anaal Nathrakh.

Stortregn recorded their first demo in 2007 followed by an EP in 2008 called “Devoured by Oblivion”, which got several good critics. After a tour in cuba, they released the first album called “Uncreation” in June 2011. Their most noticeable album "Evocation of Light" was released in 2013, followed by several shows in Switzerland and throughout Europe and headlining tours in France and Eastern Europe.

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Metal-Battle Winner in United Kingdom

United Kingdom
Winner Band: Metaprism

The band METAPRISM define ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with their unique brand of melodic and progressive metal. With a combination of female and male vocals their huge sound blends face melting aggression whilst still assaulting audiences with soaring melodies.

METAPRISM was created in November 2012 by guitarist Ollie Roberts who, alongside vocalist Theresa Smith began writing songs for their debut 3 track EP, which was released April 2013. The injection of harsh male vocals provided by Jut Tabor really gives their music an edge which compliments the clean melodies and harmonies perfectly. With a heavy rhythm section played by guitarist Jimmy Alford, drummer James Clarke and bassist Mike West this band is stamped with the hallmark of exciting powerful melodic metal.

Although a fairly new band, METAPRISM have already played alongside ‘Sacred Mother Tongue’, ‘I AM I’, Mikee Goodman’s project ‘Outpatients’ and ‘Evil Scarecrow’. As well as a successful appearance on the Newblood stage at the UKs best metal festival, ‘BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR 2014?, which featured the likes of Megadeth, Emperor, Down, Lacuna Coil, Children of Bodom… amongst many other quality major and unsigned acts across 3 stages.

METAPRISM continues to step up and capture live crowds with their energetic and dynamic live show with plans to record a full album that will be released in 2015.

Metal-Battle Winner in Uruguay

Winner Band: Libertad O Muerte

Libertad o Muerte (“Freedom or Death”) is a band from Montevideo, Uruguay, formed in January 2013.
They can be defined as a Death Melodic band, and since their first live show in November 2013, they’ve had a sustained growth, seducing not only metal heads, but also a wide range of audiences.
They are Juan Benia (vocals), Rodrigo Quijano and Wilson Valerio (guitars), Martín Bangueses (bass) and Daniel Jerez (drums).
In September 2014, they recorded and mixed their first studio album called “Karma Error”. It was completely recorded live in Montevideo Records studios, and all the compositions and production, was made by the band themselves.
The album was an independent release, and with the novelty it can be downloaded for free, just sending an e-mail to with the subject "Karma Error".
In 2015, with less more than two years of existence, they applied for the second Metal Battle Uruguay, where they were chosen (by unanimous choice), as the representatives of their country at next Wacken Open Air.

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