M E T A L  B A T T L E  B R A Z I L

The Finale

On April 30th we had the Brazilian Final for WOA Metal Battle 2007, and the winner is the band named TORTURE SQUAD.

We had 5 regional contests between March 24th and April 25th::

North/North-East region - City: Salvador/BA - on April 8th
Center region - City: Varginha/MG - on March 24th
South-East region 1 - City: Santos/SP - on April 15th
South-East region 2 - City: São Paulo/SP - on April 24th and 25th
South region - City: Porto Alegre/RS - on April 11th and 18th

We received 348 bands application, from which the Roadie Crew Magazine staff chose 50 bands to take part in the live shows for selection. We had 10 bands playing in each regional contest, where only one band was classified to the Final.

We proceeded the final contest in São Paulo City with the 5 bands selected from the regional contests, and the great winner is TORTURE SQUAD.
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