A Video of past winners..

Dear Metalheads,

here is a video from winners of an early Metal-Battle. "Parity Boot" did it 2005 and won the Lower Saxony preliminary contest.

Check out their latest video:

Parity Boot - Into Nothing from Eike Braselmann on Vimeo.back to top ::

W:O:A Metal Battle winner Germany

Dear Metalheads,

the W:O:A Metal Battle Germany is over, and the winners are: Bloodwork


Congratulations! See you in Wacken!

Your Metal Battle team
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W:O:A Metal Battle finale Germany

Dear Metalheadz,

on 10.05 the German final of this years Metal Battle will take place in Kassel at the Kulturfabrik Salzmann. The following bands have qualified in the pre-finals:

Remember Twilight (South) www.remember-twilight.de
Kilt (North) www.myspace.com/kiltmetal
Respawn (East) www.respawnmusic.com
Bloodwork (West) www.myspace.com/bloodworked

As special guest Drone (Metal Battle winner 2006) and the German metalcore band Narziss will appear on stage.

Doors open at 19:00 o’clock.

B.O. tickets are 15,-€.

Your Metal Battle team
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Semi-finale winner of Nurnberg

Dear Metalheads,

the winner of the W:O:A Metal Battle Nürnberg is Remember Twilight. Congratulations! www.remember-twilight.de

Your Metal Battle team
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W:O:A Metal Battle north winner;

Dear Metalheads,

the winner of the W:O:A Metal Battle north is Kilt. Congratulations!

See you at the finale in Kassel.


Your Metal Battle team
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W:O:A Metal Battle east winner; Respawn!

Dear Metalheads,

Respawn finally did it, won the Metal Battle East and qualified themselves for the finale in Kassel!

Congratulations from the W:O:A Metal Battle team!

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Pre-final West winners; Bloodwork

Dear Metalheads,

The winner of the Metal Battle pre-final West are Bloodwork! Stand by for the next round.

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Drone in Kassel

Dear Metalheads,

Gorilla Monsoon unfortunately had to cancel their gig for the Metal Battle final in Kassel on 10.05.

We are thrilled that Drone ("Metal Battle Winner International 2006") are going to fill in.

Your Metal Battle Team
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Special Guest "Gorilla Monsoon" at the finals in Kassel

Dear Metalheads,

"Gorilla Monsoon" will get the audience headbanging when they appear as Special Guest during the German final on 10.05.! The 4 winners of the preliminary rounds will battle it out at the Kulturfabrik Salzmann in Kassel.

Adv. Tkts 10,-
B.O. 15,-

Your Metal Battle Team
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Bands 2008 (Germany)

Devastator Hamburg www.official-devastator.net
Kilt Kiel www.kiltmetal.de
Damnation Defaced Celle www.myspace.com/defacedmetal
Moloch Rostock www.myspace.com/molochrostock
Iron Horses Rostock www.iron-horses.com
Corporate ID Kiel www.mentalmusic.de
Android Empire Berlin www.myspace.com/androidempire
Arise   www.myspace.com/arisemusik
Placenta Berlin www.myspace.com/plazenta
Protest Bergen www.protest-ruegen.de
Respawn Berlin www.respawnmusic.com
Spheric Evessen www.spheric-metal.de
Chrome Stuttgart www.myspace.com/chromefromhell
Hellscape Hof www.hellscape.de
Malicious Curse Raubling www.malicious-curse.de
Mercury Falling Bad Salzschlirf www.mercuryfalling.de
Remember Twilight Stuttgart www.remember-twilight.de
SAW Aalen www.saw-band.de
Bloodwork Paderborn www.myspace.com/bloodworked
Deus.Exe Köln www.deus-exe.net
The New Black Bochum www.myspace.com/thenewblackofficial
Torian Bielefeld www.torian-legion.de
Existence Failed Mücke www.myspace.com/existencefailedband
Human Suit Bad Wünnenberg www.humansuit.de