The winner is determined: THE FADING from Israel.

At this years edition more than 100 bands in 16 different countries took part at W:O:A Metal Battle, the talent contest from Wacken Open Air. The national winners have been detected at live heats. 16 bands competed at Wacken Open Air to determine the international winner. The artistical and technical standard was at an absolutely high level. The decision from the international jury, where also Magnus Rosen - Ex-bass player from Hammerfall- took part, was unambiguous.

Metal Battle Winner 2008 is THE FADING from Israel.

Besides a record deal at Wackenrecords THE FADING gained a full endorsement deal with both Eden bass equipment and Washburn Guitars. Mapex sprang a drum set to the band and Marshall handed out a guitar amp.

Also in 2009 W:O:A Metal Battle will increase - a lot of other countries are eager to join, so that next year about 30 countries will take part.

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W:O:A Metal Battle Israel winners: The Fading

Dear Metalheads,

for the first time ever the W:O:A Metal Battle took place in Israel, the first winners from Israel are The Fading

Congratulations, See you in Wacken!

Your Metal Battle team
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W:O:A Metal Battle finale in Tel-Aviv 2008

Dear Metalheads,

these are the bands that will take part in the Israeli finale:

The Fading - www.myspace,com/thefadingmetal

Sexes -

Vipress -

Breorn -

Acropolis -

Only on this evening you can win one brand new washburn guitar!

Ticket presale for Metal Battle Tel-Aviv 2008 begins Sunday 11.5 at:

OnTour headquarters (Ben-yehuda 32, Tel-Aviv)
MetalShop (Frishman 42, Tel-Aviv)
U.F.O (Dizengoff center, gate 6, Tel-Aviv)
Piccolo (Hagaaton 36, Naharia)

Presale price: 50 NIS

Your Metal Battle team

W:O:A proudly presents: Metal Battle 08

.... Get Ready To Rumble Metalheadz ....
and once again it’s time to step into the ring. The Metal Battle is growing. In only 3 years the W:O:A Metal Battle has built itself to the biggest talent contest for Metal bands of all styles. This is still not enough. The international section is also growing and becoming more important. Not just with the success Lordi had at the Eurovision Song Contest, but even before, it has been shown that the Metal community knows no boundaries. Now, alongside France, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Brazil & Belgium, the Metal Battle 2007 has new participants from Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro & …. The international competition is growing and growing.
The final for the Metal Battle 2008 will once again take place at the Wacken Open Air festival.
The winner of Metal Battle 2007 is Torture Squad.

Conditions of participation 2008:
- You don’t have a contract with a label and you’re not about to sign a deal in the near future.
- You can play a set of at least 30 minutes consisting of your own songs.
- You’re not a band that won one of the 2007 heats.
- Bands, that participated in 2007, but weren’t successful in one of the heats is allowed to apply.
- Please send your application (demo CD with 3 – 4 tracks, photo, bandinfo,

By the 31.03.08, metal bands can submit a demo CD, with a minimum of 3 full songs or 20 minutes of original music. The demo will be sent in 3 copies, at a special post delivery to the following address:

Ben-Yehuda 32 Floor 10
Tel-Aviv, 63805
(WOA: Metal Battle)

For every region, a qualified jury will choose six bands from the applications to battle live against each other.
At the heats, a jury consisting of members of the music business will decide on a local winner.

See you in Wacken 2008 !!
Your W:O:A Team