Lithuania W:O:A Metal Battle Winner: MANDRAGORA!

Dear Metalheads,

the winners of W:O:A Metal Battle Lithuania are MANDRAGORA! A band formed in 1998 in Vilnius. It took 10 years for these guys to finally get noticed outside of Lithuania and here it is - Mandragora will compete with best bands in this years Wacken! The commitee had to choose out of six bands - all of them put in 110% into the competition and it was really a tough decision.
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WOA Metal Battle Lithuania finalists

The following bands are going to compete for the journey to Wacken Open Air 2008:

OSSASTORIUM (death metal)
MANDRAGORA (melodic death)
XESS (industrial metal)
KATEDRA (heavy metal)
WOZU (alternative metal)
RUINATION (melodic metal)

The Lithuanian final will take place in Mulen Ruzas club (Vilnius) on April 19.

The committee will elect one band, who will go to WOA Metal Battle finals in
Wacken accompanied by a full bus of fans. Lithuania will show it's presence
in the biggest metal fest in Europe!

German thrashers RECKLESS TIDE will be guesting Lithuanian final. The band
is the winner of the 1st Metal Battle ever - the competition of 2004. They
have released two full length albums via Armageddon Music.

Band's MySpace profile:
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New! - Lithuania joins the W:O:A Metal Battle

All bands who wish to participate in "Wacken Metal Battle Lithuania" must send applications by the 1st of March, 2008. Applications must be sent by email to or "Ferrum muzikos projektai", VerkiĆ¹ g.
18-6, LT-44469 Kaunas.

The band should choose 3-4 songs which best represent them. Also please include a band photo and a short biography. This information will be given to the judges.
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