We Got The Winner-Band of Norway!

We proudly announce the band Irr as the winning norwegian Band:


Congratulations, see you in Wacken!

Your Metal-Battle-Team
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Norway's Last Finalist For Metal Battle 2009

Dear Metalheads,

The last finalist in Norway is now ready!

This band is called: Ørkenkjøtt!
See also their site on:


Your Metal Battle Team
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W:O:A Metal Battle Oslo winners

Dear Metalheads,

the next winner of the pre-eliminary round in Oslo has been determined: lodspor www.myspace.com/blodspor


Your Metal Battle team
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next winners of preliminaries declared!

Dear Metalheads,
the next two W:O:A Metal Battle preliminaries have been fought and, winners of the Battle in Tromsø are Itchnicide www.myspace.com/itchincide

The winners of Stavanger are Zerozonic www.myspace.com/zerozonic


Your Metal Battle team
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Winners of prefinale in Bergen: Camp Loco

Dear Metalheads,
the winners of the preliminary W:O:A Metal Battle in Bergen have been determined:Camp Loco



Your Metal Battle team
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First winners of prefinal in Norway: IRR

Dear Metalheads,
the winners of the first prefinal round of the W:O:A Metal Battle in Norway have been determined: IRR from Molde/Trondheim will be one of the finalists participating at the Norsk Metal Battle finale. Congratulations!


Your Metal Battle team
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Norsk W:O:A Metal Battle contestants 2009

Dear Metalheads,
here are the Norsk contestants for the W:O:A Metal Battle 2009 in Norway:

STAVANGER: (Prefinal: 21st of March)
K[nine] www.k9noise.com
ZEROZONIC www.zerozonic.com
HARM www.myspace.com/harmmetal
REPENT www.myspace.com/therepent
DEATHFARE www.myspace.com/deathfare
NEONGOD www.neongod.org
ATROPOS www.myspace.com/atroposmusic

TRONDHEIM: (Prefinal 7th of March)
MANIFEST www.myspace.com/manifestnorway
TELLUS REQUIEM www.myspace.com/tellusrequiem
MLGF www.myspace.com/mlgf
MAX MIDSUN www.myspace.com/maxmidsun
IRR www.myspace.com/irrchaos
PELAGIC www.myspace.com/pelagicband
METHERRA www.myspace.com/metherra
VIOLATED www.myspace.com/theviolated

OSLO: (Prefinal 26th of March)
LUCID www.myspace.com/lucidofficial
MINDGRINDER www.myspace.com/mindgrinder
BLODSPOR www.myspace.com/blodspor
FRAIL GROUNDS www.myspace.com/frailgrounds
HALL OF SHAME www.myspace.com/halloffshame
SNAKES IN SOUTHERN FLAMES www.myspace.com/snakesinsouthernflames
WINTERGRAVE www.myspace.com/wintergraveband

TROMSØ: (Prefinal: 20th of March)
BETABLOK www.myspace.com/betablok
ITCHNICIDE: www.myspace.com/itchincide
NECROLATRY: www.myspace.com/necrolatry
TAAKEFERD: www.myspace.com/officialtaakeferd

JEVNAKER: (Prefinal: 4th of April)
INQUESTED www.myspace.com/inquested
KVÆLT www.myspace.com/kvaelt
ACELSIA www.myspace.com/acelsia
ØRKENKJØTT www.myspace.com/orkenkjott
VOLUSPAA www.myspace.com/voluspaa
OAK www.myspace.com/bottomofthesea

BERGEN: (Prefinals: 14th of March)
CAMP LOCO www.camploco.com
GODDAMN www.goddamn.be
BYFROST www.myspace.com/byfrostmetal
DEVAR www.devar.no
LUGUBER www.myspace.com/luguberband
BLIND DEVOTION www.myspace.com/blinddevotion1
QUAVILA www11.nrk.no/urort/Artist/Quavila/default.aspx
NEOPLASMA www.myspace.com/neoplasma
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Norway Metal-Battle application deadline

Dear metalheads,

the deadline for the Metal-Battle 2009 application is the 31 st December 2008. Don't hesitate and send your application asap to the adress shown in the MB-International area!

Your Metal-Battle team