W:O:A Metal Battle Brazil winner

Dear Metalheads,

this years W:O:A Metal Battle in Brazil is over and we are proud to announce the winner of 2010.:


Cangaço started it's activities by the end of the year 2009 in Recife, with Rafael Cadena on guitars and vocals, Magno Lima on bass and vocals, both remnants of Vectrus and Arthur Lira, who came from Preatcher and Masterdomme. The band's artistic goal is to mix together the antagonistic musical ideas from the region it was assembled. To dare by playing aggressive Metal and strong influences by great names of brazilian northeastern music such as Fred Andrade, Sivuca and Luciano Magno. The lyrics reflect the process of changes made by the growing flow of information in mankind's journey of self-knowledge. The band's first demo was concluded, containing both songs from the former Vectrus and the band's new phase as Cangaço, summing up 4 songs and a live track. Above all, Cangaço came as proof that cultural barriers are nothing more but obstacles in human evolution and that people from all the regions of the world are able to showcase propositions and artistic improvements, independent of social limitations.

Congratulations, see you in Wacken!

Your Metal Battle team
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W:O:A Metal Battle Brazil 2010

Dear Metalheads,

there were 394 bands applying to the Wacken Metal Battle Brazil 2010. Now, the 75 bands, nominated by Roadie Crew Magazine staff, will take part in the contest shows to define the national winner which is going to represents Brazil in Wacken Metal Battle 2010, in Germany, during the 21th edition of Wacken Open Air Festival.

The Brazilian part of the contest takes place in 15 regional shows with 5 competitors each show in 15 different cities throughout the country. The shows are scheduled to occur between March 21st and May 8th. The Semifinals context will occur on May 11th, 12th and 13th and the Brazilian Final will take place in São Paulo City, on May 17th.

Below are listed the scheduled shows of Wacken Metal Battle Brazil 2010, with the dates, the cities, the band names and respective MySpace sites:

March 21st - Rio de Janeiro/RJ:
Berkaial - www.myspace.com/berkaial
Dancing Flame - www.myspace.com/dancingflameband
Lacerated and Carbonized - www.myspace.com/laceratedandcarbonized
Unliver - www.myspace.com/unliver
Warfx - www.myspace.com/warfxcom

April 3rd - Manaus/AM:
00:00 - www.myspace.com/0000band
Ashes Cendres - www.myspace.com/ashescendres
Evil Syndicate - www.myspace.com/evilsyndicate
Hawake - www.myspace.com/hawakeband
Snatch - www.myspace.com/snatch05

April 7th – São Paulo/SP:
Ace4trays - www.myspace.com/ace4trays
After:Life - www.myspace.com/afterlifeband
Command6 - www.myspace.com/command6
Darkness In Flames - www.myspace.com/darknessinflamesmusic
Ravenland - www.myspace.com/ravenland

April 10th – Brasilia/DF:
Blackskull - www.myspace.com/speedblackskull
Blazing Dog - www.myspace.com/blazingdog
Final Erosion - www.myspace.com/final_erosion
Rising Cross - www.myspace.com/risingspace
X-Hatred - www.myspace.com/xhatredband

April 10th – Florianópolis/SC:
Battalion - www.myspace.com/battalionofmetal
Blakk Market - www.myspace.com/blakkmarket
Christmess - www.myspace.com/christmessmetal
Hangover - www.myspace.com/hangoverbrazil
Khrophus - www.myspace.com/khrophus

April 10th – Recife/PE:
Cangaço - www.myspace.com/cangacometal
Firetomb - www.myspace.com/firetomb
Inner Demons Rise - www.myspace.com/innerdemonsofficial
Project 666 - www.myspace.com/project666metal
Still Living - www.myspace.com/stilllivinghardrock

April 17th – Curitiba/PR:
Cromathia - www.myspace.com/cromathia
Dark Symphony - www.myspace.com/darksymphonyband
Greensleeves - www.myspace.com/greensleevesbrazil
Rage Darkness - www.myspace.com/ragedarkness
Savage Rage - www.myspace.com/savageragebr

April 24th – Rio Branco/AC:
Born Hell - www.myspace.com/bornhell
Mártires - www.myspace.com/martiresband
Metal Live - www.myspace.com/metalliveband
Suicide Spree - www.myspace.com/suicidespree6
Survive - www.myspace.com/surviveband

April 24th – Santos/SP:
Evil Black Embrace - www.myspace.com/evilblackembrace
Heavenly Kingdom - www.myspace.com/heavenlykingdom
Hugin Munin - www.myspace.com/huginmuninbr
Infector - www.myspace.com/intotheinfector
Ragtoy - www.myspace.com/ragtoy

April 30th – Porto Alegre/RS:
Darkest Seed - www.myspace.com/darkestseed
In Torment - www.myspace.com/intormentbr
Its All Red - www.myspace.com/itsallredmusic
One Of Them - www.myspace.com/oneofthemthrashmetal
Tierramystica - www.myspace.com/tieramystica

May 1st - Belo Horizonte/MG:
Facínora - www.myspace.com/facinorathrash
Hammurabi - www.myspace.com/hammurabibrasil
Pleiades - mp3 no meu gmail
Sacrament - www.myspace.com/sacramentofficial
Sacrificed - www.myspace.com/sacrificedbrazil

May 1st – Campo Grande/MS:
Bestial War - www.myspace.com/bestialwar
Hellraiser - www.myspace.com/hellraiserthrashmetal
Legacy - www.myspace.com/bandathelegacy
Morpheu´Z - www.myspace.com/morpheuzofficial
Rhevan - www.myspace.com/rhevan

May 2nd – Campinas/SP:
Chaos Synopsis - www.myspace.com/chaossynopsisbr
Deventter - www.myspace.com/deventter
Lockfist 669 - www.myspace.com/lockfist669
Maithungh - www.myspace.com/maithunghdeath
Slasher - www.myspace.com/bandaslasher

May 8th – Fortaleza/CE:
Clamus - www.myspace.com/clamusce
Hostile Inc - www.myspace.com/hostileincband
My Fair Lady - www.myspace.com/myfairladymetal
Siege Of Hate - www.myspace.com/siegeofhate
Warbiff - www.myspace.com/warbiffbanda

May 8th – Jacaraipe/ES:
Anaktra - www.myspace.com/anaktra
Final Judgement - www.myspace.com/finaljudgementmetalbrazil
Forgotten Land - www.myspace.com/forgottenlandmetal
Obsidian Lies - www.myspace.com/obsidianlies
Shotgun Corporation - www.myspace.com/shotcorp

May 11th – SEMIFINAL SOUTH (winners from the following cities):
Porto Alegre-RS

May 12th – SEMIFINAL CENTER/NORTHEAST (winners from the following cities):
São Paulo-SP
Rio De Janeiro-RJ
Belo Horizonte-MG

May 11th – SEMIFINAL CENTER/NORTHWEST (winners from the following cities):
Campo Grande-MS
Rio Branco-AC

May 17th – Final Contest Show – City: São Paulo/SP
Winners Semifinal South (2 bands)
Winners Semifinal Center/NorthEast (2 bands)
Winners Semifinal Center/NorthWest (2 bands)
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