W:O:A Metal Battle Mexican national winner

Dear Metalheads,

we are proud to announce the winner of the Mexican W:O:A Metal Battle 2010:


Congratulations, see you in Wacken!

Your Metal Battle team
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W:O:A Metal Battle Mexico - fifth eliminary

Dear Metalheads,

these bands will play on the fifth and last eliminary round of the Mexican W:O:A Metal Battle:

Deadly Dark - www.myspace.com/deadlydarkmetal
Metalfist - www.myspace.com/metalfistband
Leonävicario - www.myspace.com/leonavicarioband
Solarness - www.myspace.com/solarness
Hercobulus - www.myspace.com/hercobulusthrash
Itzaes - www.myspace.com/itzaess
Psyckophony - www.myspace.com/psyckophony
Punto Tres - www.myspace.com/puntotres
Nostra Morte - www.myspace.com/NostraMorte
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W:O:A Metal Battle Mexico - fourth eliminary

Dear Metalheads,

the bands for the fourth eliminary round are the

Lunae Lasciva - www.myspace.com/lunaelasciva
Wild Demise - www.myspace.com/wilddemise
Acrania - www.myspace.com/acrania
MELISSMATIC - www.myspace.com/melissmaticband
Ӕris - www.myspace.com/aerismetal
Afonía - www.myspace.com/afoniaxalapa
Orcus O Dis - www.myspace.com/orcusodis
El Cuervo de Poe - www.myspace.com/elcuervodepoeband
Metalfonik - www.myspace.com/metalfonik
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W:O:A Metal Battle Mexico - third round

Dear Metalheads,

below this text you will find a flyer with logos of the following bands playing at the third eliminary round of the W:O:A Metal Battle Mexico:

War Kabinett - www.myspace.com/warkabinett
Vaffen - www.myspace.com/vaffen
The Insane www.myspace.com/theinsanemx
Aiam - www.myspace.com/aiam1
Kradeba - www.myspace.com/kradeba
Revenge After Death - www.myspace.com/revengead
Heavy Metal Sixpounder - www.myspace.com/heavymetalsixpounder
Carphatya - www.myspace.com/carphatya
Master Mind - www.myspace.com/mastermindmetal
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W:O:A Metal Battle Mexico

Dear Metalheads,

these are the bands playing in the second round of the Mexican W:O:A Metal Battle:

Wrecker - www.myspace.com/wreckerbrutalthrashmetal
Opus Hell - opushell.webs.com
Wicked Memory - www.myspace.com/wickedmemoryband
Almas Militares - www.myspace.com/almasmilitares
Apogee of Despair - www.myspace.com/hammerofhatemx
Coram Letum - www.myspace.com/coramletum
T.R.U.S.T - www.myspace.com/trustmetal
Divine Sword - www.myspace.com/thedivineswordmx
Agrevyum - www.myspace.com/agrevyum
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W:O:A Metal Battle Mexico, first match

Dear Metalheads,

the first match of the Mexican W:O:A Metal Battle will start soon! Check out the new flyer These are the participating bands:

Angel de Metal - www.myspace.com/angeldmetal
Aureal Vortex - www.myspace.com/aurealvortex
Zlaughter - www.myspace.com/zlaughter
Far Beyond Hell - www.myspace.com/fbhband
Drawma - www.myspace.com/drawma
Kevlar - www.myspace.com/kevlarspace
Ideoemesis - www.myspace.com/ideoemesis
Numenor - www.myspace.com/numenore6
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W:O:A Metal Battle Mexico 2010

Dear Metalheads,

these are the official dates of the Mexican W:O:A Metal Battle:

Sunday, 11th of April 2010:

WRECKER www.myspace.com/wreckerbrutalthrashmetal
OPUS HELL opushell.webs.com
WICKED MEMORY www.myspace.com/wickedmemoryband
AGREVYUM www.myspace.com/agrevyum
NUMENOR www.myspace.com/numenore6
T.R.U.S.T. www.myspace.com/trustmetal
CORAM LETUM www.myspace.com/coramletum
APOGEE OF DESPAIR www.myspace.com/hammerofhatemx
ALMAS MILITARES www.myspace.com/almasmilitares
INSANE (Toluca) www.myspace.com/theinsanemx

Sunday, 18th of April 2010:

AIAM www.myspace.com/aiam1
WAR KABINETT www.myspace.com/warkabinett
KRADEBA www.myspace.com/kradeba
REVENGE AFTER DEAD www.myspace.com/revengead
AUREAL VORTEX www.myspace.com/aurealvortex
ZLAUGHTER www.myspace.com/zlaughter
ANGEL DE METAL www.myspace.com/angeldmetal
FAR BEYOND HELL www.myspace.com/fbhband
CARPATHYA www.myspace.com/carphatya
SIXPONDER (Cuernavaca) www.myspace.com/heavymetalsixpounder

Friday, 30th of April or friday 7th of May 2010
(this is for bands coming from outside
Mexico City):

HERCOBULUS (Monterrey) www.myspace.com/hercobulusthrash
AFONÍA (Xalapa) www.myspace.com/afoniaxalapa
EL CUERVO DE POE (Guadalajara) www.myspace.com/elcuervodepoeband
ITZAES (Playa del Carmen) www.myspace.com/itzaess
PSYCKOPHONY (Saltillo) www.myspace.com/psyckophony
PUNTO TRES (Durango) www.myspace.com/puntotres
METAL FIST (Campeche) www.myspace.com/metalfistband
ORCUS O DIS (Ciudad Juárez) www.myspace.com/orcusodis
SOLARNESS (Saltillo) www.myspace.com/solarness

Sunday, 2nd of May or sunday, 9th of May:

Final battle with the 10 best qualiffied bands
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