W:O:A Metal Battle Norsk winner NO DAWN

No Dawn hails from Steinkjer, in the middle parts of Norway.
Formed back in 2002, as a thrash metal project. The band started out playing coversongs of
bands like In Flames and At the Gates. As time went by, self-written
material came to life, and a somewhat unique sound emerged. Many changes in
line-up has been made, a total of 5 members have been replaced. The biggest
change occured in september 2006, as founding member Steinar Forfang left
the band. Also, Tor Egil Solberg left in february 2007, without a successor
appointed, and the band continued as a four-piece deathmetal band pursuing a
much different sound. In november 2007 Paal Andrè Sandnesmo rejoined the
band, filling the position Tor Egil left.

No Dawn recorded the first demo in fall 2004, and the second one called
"Nessecity" during 2005/2006. The band sounds quite different today opposed
to the beginning, going from extreme thrash to being a more brutal and
technical death metal act. The band has more and more frequently entered the
stage and has recently won the Norwegian leg of Wacken Metal Battle and will
play the prestigous Wacken Metal Battle at the 2010 edition of Wacken Open
Air. Also a new EP is underway, so lots is going on in the No Dawn camp these days!

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W:O:A Metal Battle Norway winner

Dear Metalheads,

we are proud to present you the Norsk Metal Battle winner for 2010:


There is also a video from the finale in Trondheim available, watch it here.

Congratulations, see you in Wacken!!!

Your Metal Battle team
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W:O:A Metal Battle Norway finalists

Dear Metalheads,

the next big event in Norway will be the national W:O:A Metal Battle finale. These are the bands that will fight for the chance to play in Wacken:

Tromsø: Betablok - www.myspace.com/betablok
Arendal: Deafmazjiin - www.myspace.com/deafmazjiin
Bergen: Samora - www.myspace.com/samoramusic
Jevnaker: Forbidden Forest - www.myspace.com/forbiddenforesttheband
Oslo: Aspherium - www.myspace.com/aspherium
Haugesund: Zeno Morph - www.myspace.com/zenomorfband
Trondheim: No Dawn - www.myspace.com/nodawn

The Norwegian final takes place at BLÆST: www.blaest.no, on the 16th of April. The final is organized by ZONE: www.zone-home.net

Good luck!

Your Metal Battle team
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W:O:A Metal Battle Norway

Dear Metalheads,

these are the official dates of the Norsk W:O:A Metal Battle in 2010:

BERGEN, 12th and 13th Of March @ Inside

BLIND DEVOTION - www.myspace.com/blinddevotion1
ASHOWA - www.myspace.com/ashowaband
SAMORA - www.myspace.com/samoramusic
SLUDGEFUDGE - www.myspace.com/sludgefudgeband
BLODHEMN - www.myspace.com/blodhemnweb
LUGUBER - www.myspace.com/luguberband

OSLO, 18th Of March @ "Rockin'"

GHOST - www.myspace.com/ghostrocks
MORAL DIFFUSE - www.myspace.com/moraldiffuse
ASPHERIUM - www.myspace.com/aspherium
DISSONANT CIRCUS - www.myspace.com/dissonantcircus
FRAGMENT - www.myspace.com/fragment000
ZAREPTHA DEFORMED - www.myspace.com/zardef

JEVNAKER, 13th of March @ Glassheim

STONE BONE CROSSES - www.myspace.com/stonebonecrosses
PROFANIA - www.myspace.com/profaniametal
ACELSIA - www.myspace.com/acelsia
FORBIDDEN FOREST - www.myspace.com/forbiddenforesttheband
DISINTEGRATION - www.myspace.com/disintegrationband

HAUGESUND, 6th of March @ Byscenen

ATROPOS - www.myspace.com/atroposmusic
ESCAPETOR - www.myspace.com/escapetor
REISM - www.myspace.com/reism
SUBLIME EYES - www.myspace.com/sublimeeyes
NIKU - www.myspace.com/nikuofficial
ZENO MORF - www.myspace.com/zenomorfband

ARENDAL, 19th of March @ Hellion

GUARDIANS OF TIME - www.myspace.com/guardiansoftime
DEAFMAZJIIN - www.myspace.com/deafmazjiin
CELESTIALITY - www.myspace.com/celestiality
SEVENTH - www.myspace.com/seventhmetal
M.I. - www.myspace.com/mi1001

TRONDHEIM, 17th of March, @ Blæst

EXELOUME - www.myspace.com/exeloumethrash
ORPHEUS - www.myspace.com/orphmo
GROWN INTO NOTHING - www.myspace.com/grownintonothing
TRIAL NIGHT - www.myspace.com/trialnight
RESONAUT - www.myspace.com/resonaut
VICINITY - www.myspace.com/vicinitynorway
PELAGIC - www.myspace.com/pelagicband
NO DAWN - www.myspace.com/nodawn

TROMSØ, Driv, 19th of March @ Driv, Haakon Scene

BETABLOK - www.myspace.com/betablok
KAPOREGIME - www.tba....
NECROLATRY - www.myspace.com/necrolatry
RED APE - www.nrk.no/urort/Artist/REDAPE/default.aspx

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