W:O:A Metal Battle Winner Poland

Dear Metalheads,

we are proud to announce you the winning band of the Polish W:O:A Metal Battle 2010 which will play in the great finale on the holy ground.:


Congratulations, see you in Wacken!

Your Metal Battle team
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W:O:A Metal Battle national winners for Poland: NONE

Dear Metalheads,

the W:O:A Metal Battle in Poland is over. The winners are NONE !


Congratulations! See you in Wacken!

Your Metal Battle team

W:O:A Metal Battle Poland Finale

Dear Metalheads,

the Polish W:O:A Metal Battle is coming to an end, the great finale battle will take place on the 17th of may in Torun at the "OdNowa" club. The entrace on this evening is FREE!

This is the shedule:

16:00 - 16.40 NEUROTHING - www.myspace.com/neurothing

16:40 - 17:20 SAMMATH NAUR - www.myspace.com/sammathnaur

17.20 - 18:00 CARNAL - www.myspace.com/carnalzone

18:00 - 18:40 ALASTOR - www.myspace.com/alastorkutno

18:40 - 19:20 NONE - www.myspace.com/noneband


19:40 - 20:40 CHAINSAW - www.myspace.com/chainsawpl
Winner of Polish W:O:A Metal Battle in 2008

20:40 - 21:00 RESULTS!!!

21:00 - till end: TURBO - www.myspace.com/turboheavymetalband
Polish Heavy-Metal Legend Band

Your Metal Battle team
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