Metal-Battle History 2011

2011 - Participating Countries

Metal Battle Finalists 2011

Metal-Battle Winner in Austria

Winner Band: Mortal Strike

Wir sind Mortal Strike und es geht RUND!!! Gegründet im Wohnzimmer "der WG" im Sommer 2009 von 5 Freunden und dabei bleibts! Diese Seite dient nur als Sprungbrett, solange unsere richtige Webseite unter bearbeitung ist. Wenn ihr uns schreiben wollts, dann besucht bitte unsere Facebook Seite. *Demo Update* Fast alle rohaufnahmen fertig. Jetzt gehts ans Mischen! "Under Construction"!

Metal-Battle Winner in Belgium

Winner Band: Powerstroke

These are keywords from this 3-piece Belgian metalband who will take no less by leaving another hole in your eardrums. As they sure will blow you away with their live sound!’
‘Powerstroke started in January 2008 with the intention of making groovy metal. And so they did! Something that would stick in your ear and remain there for time to come. Along the way, the more gigs they played, the more heavier their sound got. Building up a solid live reputation and stand out with pounding drums, catchy riffs and roaring unique voice. Their music contains influences of rock, metal, stoner, punk, hardcore,… all blended in one hell of a cocktail. So come check them out when they play in your neighborhood. Keep on strokin’ the power!

Metal-Battle Winner in Brazil

Winner Band: Nekrost

Formed in 1998, on Manaus-AM, by the young guys Eduardo Viana (Guitar), Glauber Rico (Vocals), João Meireles (Drums), Eduardo Ribeiro (Bass) and Alexandre Sales (Guitar), the band Nekrost starts to get space on the local scene with their presentations through the city, on events of the Thrash-Metal genre, in the same year of their birth... How it normally happens with musical groups that are begining, Nekrost had impasse moments among their members and, after some time, the component Alexandre quits the band and is replaced, during some months, by Wanderley Junior. Following, still without a definitive formation, two other components decide to stay himselves away from the band, the guitar player Eduardo Viana and the Drummer João Meireles say farewell, and Nekrost stay for almost three years without perform. In the middle of 2004, with a new composition, the band comes back to the rock scene for satisfaction of the veterans Glauber Rico (Vocals) and Eduardo Ribeiro (Bass), founders of the band, that did not abdicate of give continuity to Nekrost's work. The new members Leland Dantas and Rodrigo Botelho domain the guitars and, still, João Meireles who returned to his old post, drums, the group complete theirselves and return to perform, this time with more determination and professional maturity. Still in 2004, appears the first compositions of the band, and from the begining of 2005, the Works advances and new music is created, without mention that Nekrost conquers the Amazon rock public with shows on importants Amazon metal events, included Manacapuru city. The band's proposal is to play Thrash Metal with some pinchs of Progressive Metal, the two major influences of the band, with lyrics in english, the genre characteristcs language, and to board themes such associal critiques and daily life, among other facts that could be considered interesting for the group's point of view. Today Nekrost is developing their own composition material, actually they recorded their first EP with just four musics, called "All My Hate", that is the same name of one of the compositions created, and that possibly will make its introducing show in the first semester of 2007. Inicially, the ideia is to sum up with other bands of the city, for later get space and reach the group's major objective that is the Nacional scene, and thus contribute with the Amazon culture too, divulging the great talents that Manaus city has to offer. Recently the band has undergone a change in their line up. João Meireles left the band, giving way to Robson Mariano (Mortificy). Assuming the position of drummer in the band.

Nekrost line up 2011

Glauber Rico - Vocals
Duda Ribeiro - Bass & Backing Vocals
Rodrigo Mosca - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Leland Dantas - Lead guitar
Robson Mariano - Drums

Metal-Battle Winner in Central America

Central America
Winner Band: Virginia Clemm

Virginia Clemm nace en San Salvador,El Salvador C.A. en septiembre del 2007 y su primer show se lleva a cabo en diciembre del mismo año, luego empieza a tocar continuamente con bandas locales y lanzan a principios de 2008 su primer EP " Veneno en el Espejo" que contiene 5 temas, en el mismo año la banda viaja a Guatemala y continua con la promocion de su EP abriendose espacio en la escena nacional, en 2009 comienza con la elaboracion de su primer LP "Una Eternidad de Incertidumbre" en Soundtrack Studio con la colaboracion de Julio Rodas (Dreamlore) , en ese mismo año la banda viaja a Honduras donde ..comparte escenario con bandas locales, e internacionales, en diciembre de 2009 vuelve a viajar, esta vez a Costa Rica para seguir con la expansion de su musica. Para inicio del 2010 la banda lanza su primer LP "Una Eternidad de Incertidumbre" y el video del single "Destruyendo el Aire" producido y filmado por Edson Amaya (8 milimetros y RADICALES). Virginia Clemm es una banda con musica original en su totalidad, sus letras estan basadas en historias reales, vivencias de los integrantes y visiones acerca del mundo en el que vivimos, sus liricas son totalmente en español, orgullosos de representar el metal hecho en latinoamerica.

Metal-Battle Winner in Denmark

Winner Band: Aphyxion

After a tough Metal Battle final in Denmark these youngsters won the title. APHYXION is classic death metal performed with conviction and precision. With an average age of 17 they are at the very beginning of their career but be aware, they are already ahead music wise in comparison with many other bands.
You will witness brutality and death unfold before your eyes. Make no mistake – age does not matter when you play metal. This band has come to stay. Denmark present to you: APHYXION

Metal-Battle Winner in Ex-SFRJ Republics

Ex-SFRJ Republics
Winner Band: Tanker

Tanker is sludge/stoner metal band from Banja Luka, the capital city of Bosnia’s entity, Republic of Srpska. Formed in 2008., the band was a side-project of members from three Banja Luka-based bands Monument, Revolt and AntiDope. Soon after its inception, however, the band became more serious. In 2009, the band appeared at the Nektar DemoFest and finished in third place at the competition. This was the fuel that convinced the band to continue forward with full power. Bands first EP “Sorrow Drives The Will” was recorded in 2010 in their hometown, and was self-released by the band. Since then, the band has played numerous shows in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia, building the reputation of one of the best bands in the region!

Metal-Battle Winner in France

Winner Band: Noein

NOEIN appeared in Normandy, France, in 2007, an osmosis between already experimented local musicians. Death-metal songs tinged with electronics conferring an industrial touch to them were quickly created to allow the band to play live locally in 2008.
In 2009, the music video for the song “Chrysalis” was shot and then was written the debut EP : “The Initial Tale”. This record tells a science-fiction story about a futuristic world in which a corporation builds humans industrially to sell them. The EP is then mixed and mastered by Thibault Chaumont from DeviantLab (Trepalium) and edited by the associative label Les Arts Bourrins. “The Initial Tale” is released in the early 2010.
NOEIN keeps playing wherever possible and starts going on gigs further.

Metal-Battle Winner in Germany

Winner Band: Dust Bolt

DUST BOLT ist eine Thrash-Metal-Band, die im Jahr 2006 in Landsberg am Lech in Bayern gegründet wurde. Was zuerst noch unter dem alten Bandnamen im Proberaum entstand, sollte nur kurze Zeit später unter dem Namen DUST BOLT eine neue Ära entfachen. Ihre Fähigkeiten, durch viele Shows weiterentwickelt, teilte die Band bald Bühnen mit großen Bands, wie ihren musikalischen Vorbildern SEPULTURA oder NAPALM DEATH.

Die Maschine ins Rollen gebracht, nahmen sie im November 2009 ihre erste Scheibe auf, die letztendlich zu dem EP-Release im April 2010 führte. „Chaos Possession“ betitelt, fing die CD schon bald die Aufmerksamkeit der großen Metalmagazine. Neben guten Reviews in Zeitschriften wie Legacy oder MusiX, wurde Chaos Possession schließlich zur Demo des Monats im Metal Hammer gekürt. Dort als „Helden von Morgen“ benannt, geht für Lenny B. (voc. + guitars), Flo D. (guitars), Bene M. (bass) und Nico R. (drums) die Reise weiter in Richtung große Bühnen, sowohl auf Festivals als auch bei Clubshows.

Durch Gigs als Support von Metallegenden wie HYPOCRISY oder erneut SEPULTURA überzeugend, wächst die Anzahl der Shows konstant und lässt erste kleinere Headlinershows verbuchen. Nach Shows vor EISREGEN, CIRCLE II CIRCLE, VICIOUS RUMORS,BRAINSTORM und HACKNEYED hätte Ende 2010 noch die erste Tour gemeinsam mit SIX FEET UNDER und DISBELIEF folgen sollen, welche allerdings kurzfristig vollständig abgesagt wurde. 2011 geht es weiter mit noch mehr Club- und Open Air shows, einer erneuten Tour mit Six feet under im April und einer gegen Ende des Jahres erscheinenden neuen Cd.

Musikalisch ist für die junge und auch technisch hervorragend versierte Band der Metal aus den 80ern und frühen 90ern, besonders aus der damaligen Bay-Area-Ära, als Einfluss nicht zu überhören, wobei trotzdem moderne Elemente, genauso wie Einflüsse aus verschiedensten Metalgenres deutlich bemerkbar sind...

Metal-Battle Winner in Greece

Winner Band: Deathclocks

Deathclocks is a six piece, modern metal band from Athens, Greece.The band was formed in early 2007 by Constantine Sidiropoulos as vocalist,Stelios Makris and Coctas Marmarinos as guitarists,Marios Maglogiannis as bassist and Dimitris Oikonomou on the drums in need to express their beliefs and feelings throughout music.Since today the band have played several live shows. From open air festivals to competitions such as “Wacken Metal Battle” and ”Battle Of The Bands” they achived to combine music with live performance for what they call “showtime” .In 2010 Rudolf joined the band as sampler. In John Paragamian joined as guitarist. So far a demo cd has been realesed.

Metal-Battle Winner in Iceland

Winner Band: Atrum

ATRUM is an Icelandic extreme musical entity founded upon the idea to create a powerful and dynamic atmosphere within complicated and challenging music. Originally forged in 2005 by vocalist, lead guitarist and composer Sigurður, rhythm guitarist Úlfar and drummer Arnar, the band has overcome line-up changes, musical changes and ideological challenges but always reached a higher level of strength. Since then ATRUM has made a significant impact on the Icelandic metal scene with their forceful blend of death and black metal, mixed with Sigurður‘s and Úlfar‘s experience in classical music and, with the parting of Arnar in 2007, it was structurally completed by the addition of Icelands fastest and most prominent metal drummer Ragnar. After lengthy and mind numbing demo sessions ATRUM has returned from a short hiatus to deliver what they aspire to be one of the most impressive debuts of modern metal that should pave the way towards international activities and recognition. ATRUM is a young band, a hardworking band and more than worth a listen for all fans of metal.

Metal-Battle Winner in India

Winner Band: Eccentric Pendulum

Eccentric Pendulum is a metal band formed in November 2008 owing to the amalgamation of musical Ideas exchanged by the founding members of the band --‐ Arun (ex Extinct Reflections), Vibhas( ex Spitfire), Ashish( ex Inner Sanctum, Spit) and Nikhil( ex Asylum). Having played with their previous bands for quite a while, the quartet aimed at composing songs which were inspired by various forms of music with no particular bias towards any genre/sub genre. While maintaining progressive metal as their prime focus, the band composes songs combining elements from jazz, fusion and ambient resulting in an unconventional musical concoction.

The band gained respect and popularity in the local scene at quiet an early stage for their ability to engage their audiences and appeal to their intellectual side through the band’s live performances. In March 2009, the band released their debut EP titled “The Sculptor of Negative Emotions" at Bangalore's premier "All Original Music Fest" – Rock Ethos. The band’s intention to deliver a package of high artistic value leads to stunning cover art by American artist Alex Eckman Lawn. The EP saw buyers across the Indian Subcontinent and some parts of Europe and America.

In August 2009, the band welcomed Faheem as their lead guitarist to help extend its musical boundaries into unmapped metal territories. Thus adding another dimension to the band’s sound. In September 2010, Arjun replaced Ashish on guitars as the latter fled to France for his higher education.

Highlights of the band include winning and headlining at various college festivals and also sharing the stage with metal heavy weights such as Meshuggah, Textures, Amon Amarth, Tesseract, Enslaved and a host of killer Indian bands.

In Dec 2010, Eccentric Pendulum won the Wacken Metal Battle and won a ticket( minus the flight tickets) to perform at WACKEN OPEN AIR 2011 in Germany.

Currently, the band has finished writing and recording their full length debut album which is aimed at a mid 2011 release. Over 45 min of progressive music written over 2 years would be featured on the new album.

Metal-Battle Winner in Ireland

Winner Band: This is Coldwar

Formed in late 99.Coldwar started out mixing equal parts hardcore punk and extreme metal into an angry incendiary assault.Over the years the band has toured all over Ireland the UK and have made several trips to Europe and the USA. Bands we have played with are Fear Factory, SoulFly, Sepultura, EHG and a small Irish tour with Suffocation. Previous years Anthrax, Hatebreed, Agnostic Front, Discharge, Converge, Exploited, GBH, Napalm Death amongst many others .

Metal-Battle Winner in Israel

Winner Band: Hammercult

Hammercult is an Israeli extreme thrash metal band, formed in late 2010 by members of Israel's finest metal bands. Following the band's debut show in December 2010, the next few months saw Hammercult storming the stages all across Israel, including winning the local Wacken Metal Battle competition, and opening for the American death metal band Misery Index, both just in a few months of existence.
In summer 2011 Hammercult will play at the famous Wacken Open Air festival, as a part of the international Wacken Metal Battle Competition, and will also release the EP "Rise of the Hammer". Currently working on their first full-length album to see the light of day next year, the members of Hammercult promise to deliver a brutal, non-compromising thrash metal release.

Metal-Battle Winner in Italy

Winner Band: Golem

current line-up:

GOLEM is an Italian Metal band formed in 2000 by Ottavio Marzo (guitars and backing vocals), Nicola Esposito (lead vocals and guitars), Damiano Porcelli (drums) and Alex Martiradonna (bass).
In the same year they released the first Demo CD called “FLAMES OF WRATH”.

In 2001 the bass player Alex left the band replaced by Domenico Bottalico. Moreover Golem also decided to join the new guitarist Matteo De Bellis and to keep Nicola only as lead vocalist.
In the same year the guys recorded their first official mini-cd called “DEATH NEVER DIES” a thunderous debut that helped the band becoming very popular in the Italian underground metal scene, in fact, supported by an excellent live promotion, Golem got a deal with the French label DIAMOND PRODUCTIONS/ ADIPOCERE for the official release of “Death Never dies” worldwide.

In 2004 the singer Nicola Bottalico left the band and Matteo De Bellis (till then guitarist and backing vocalist) became the official lead vocalist. So, as a 4-piece, Golem recorded the four songs promo "DEATH IN PROGRESS" exclusively directed to labels.

In 2005 the first full length “BLACK ERA” was finally released! It was a huge step for the band: completely self-produced and distributed by RAZAR ICE RECORDS and also via iTUNES, CDBABY.COM and others channels… “Black Era” was an unexpected success!
Golem started a huge live promotion and, also because of a lot of excellent reviews and good feedbacks by the metalheads all over the world, become a sort of “cult” band and collected fans everywhere.

Between 2005 and 2007 Golem played any kind of gig also sharing the stage with big bands like Gamma Ray, Malevolent Creation, Finntroll, Tankard and many more.

But in the end of 2007 the band felt that something was still missing to the “great step” so the guys took a pause from the stage action and completely dived themselves in the new songwriting process. In their new private studios “Golem Dungeon Studios” they worked hard to find new solutions for their sound.

In 2008 and 2009 Golem plays only a few gigs, big summer festivals overall, the band was not sure about the sound of the new stuff and decided to postpone the recording sessions.

In 2010, some months before entering the studio, Damiano left the band due to personal reasons. Golem recruit Rino “Big Roger” Ricco on drums.

The “turning point” came in April 2011, when, finally, after six year of hard working, the new album “ONE BULLET LEFT” was released!
Recorded by the guru of the mixer Giuseppe Dentamaro in the “Golem Dungeon Studios”, this amazing full lenght album can seriously bring the band to a new level! Everyone will witness what the band is now: a huge, well-oiled machine made of a mix of extreme aggressive and ultra-melodic modern metal.

Metal-Battle Winner in Latvia

Winner Band: Sacramental

Sacramental was born September 2008 in Latvian city Rezekne.

The basic musical style of a direction has been defined by the band as aggressive Modern Trash Metal.

The line-up:
Aleksandrs Bernatus - lead vocals, guitar
Juris Paura - bass guitar, back vocal
Elmars Vilums - drums.

For two years of the creative activity, the band has participated in numerous Latvian festivals; club shows and slowly works towards first full length album.

Recently on 11th June Sacramental unexpectedly shattered first Latvian Wacken Metal Battle contest with its completely aggressive live show, gained the best jury responses and now will play first time outside Latvia at biggest heavy metal festival in the world - Wacken Open Air!

Watch out for this young metal band, they will make you scream!

Metal-Battle Winner in Lithuania

Winner Band: Paralytic

The band Paralytic has been formed in 2009 march 14th. That was the day, when guitarist Simonas M. and bassist Simonas K. found their drummer Džiugas. After long searches for the right musical style and vocalist, in 2010 november vocalist Lukas joined the band. After playing few gigs, while still looking for the final style, band found their reselves in the Brutal technical death metal scene. After some time, they were invited to support death metal veterans "Cannibal corpse" after that gig, guitarist Jokūbas was invited to the group. That's how the final 5 was created, which lists till this day. With this line-up for some time, they were invited to "Devilstone open air 2011" and they'll try to compete in W.O.A metal battle competition in Lithuania. At this particular time the band is rehearsing hard, preparing for the shows and is thinking about the first album recordings.

Metal-Battle Winner in Luxembourg

Winner Band: Rude Revelation

RUDE REVELATION, a young revelation indeed, is a luxemburgish Death/Thrash Metal Band, founded in Summer 2007 by Jeff Buchette (Guitars), Raphael Gambuto (Guitars) and André Millim (Drums). In September, Chris Bremer (bass), a friend of Raph joined. Only a few weeks later, Noémie Leer (vocals) joined the band. The band now being complete, they worked intensively during the following months. RUDE REVELATION developed an energetic, rhythmic Thrash theme with melodic Death-Metal influences, enshrouding macabre and melancholic lyrics.
Encouraged after their first gig in December 2007, they went on and ahead, writing more songs. By a stroke of luck, they went on twice to participate at the luxembourgish edition of the W:O:A Metal Battle. Being able to play at a larger scene, the press took much notice of this promising young newcomers. In July 2008, Pit Seyler joined the Band and replaced Chris on the Bass. A new line-up change occured in December 2008: Jeff left and was replaced by Jonas Lippert.
In January 2009, RUDE REVELATION announced their retreat to the LSD Studio in Lübeck. Their Debut LP was produced by Lasse Lammert, who already produced the scottish Band "Alestorm", and was mastered by James Murphy in March 2009. The Release was held at the Kulturfabrik on 22nd May 2009 and supported among others by X-VISION and DESTINITY.
As of now, RUDE REVELATION did concerts in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and France. In January 2009, they were given the chance to act as opener for TURISAS. In April 2010, they were supporting the Spring Session Tour, sharing the stage with SIX FEET UNDER, ILLDISPOSED and IN SLUMBER. Still they are awaiting further gigs, to improve and interact with other bands.

Metal-Battle Winner in Mexico

Winner Band: Voltax

Voltax se forma a principios del año 2006, pero no es hasta mediados del mismo año en que la primer alineación estuvo completa que se inicio con gran actividad y se tuvo un progreso muy rápido que llevo a la grabación del primer demo llamado “Discharge” de manera independiente, el cual tuvo una gran aceptación por parte de la gente, organizadores de eventos, revistas, etc. Al finalizar el año el sello “Blower Records” decide hacer la propuesta a la banda para grabar el primer disco con ellos y se inicia el proceso de composición y es hasta la mitad del 2007 en que se graba en los estudios “Ruido Marcabru” y es lanzado en diciembre del mismo año.
Durante 2008 y parte de 2009 se lleva a cabo la promoción del disco, girando por varios estados de la Republica Mexicana, abriendo a bandas muy representativas como Destruction, Sadus, Agent Steel, At war, Hirax, Paul Di Anno, Rata Blanca, The Agonist, asi como también llegamos a participar en algunos conciertos tributo a Motorhead y Judas Priest.
La promoción por parte de Blower Records también ha sido muy buena, ya que llevo el disco a Europa, Asia, y por supuesto a países de América, en donde tuvo gran aceptación y difusión dentro del mercado del Heavy Metal.
Durante 2009 se inicio el proceso de composición para el siguiente disco, el cual se grabo en el mes de Octubre en los estudios “Inzonic Music Lab” en el Estado de Querétaro, este segundo material fue lanzado bajo el mismo sello con el nombre de “Fugitive State of Mind” esto a principios del 2010. Gracias a la promoción realizada a nuestros anteriores trabajos, se ha podido lograr un mayor conocimiento de la banda tanto en México como en diferentes países del mundo. Y por consiguiente se han podido superar las ventas a comparación del primer material de la banda.

Metal-Battle Winner in Netherlands

Winner Band: X-TinXion

Fast drums, tight riffs, raw melody, a pumping bass and razor sharp solos. Grunts, screams and rough vocals. X-TinXion plays old-school thrash metal with a modern spicy sauce. Fast and catchy, and rocking hard. X-Tinxion's first steps originate somewhere in the year 2003, only to evolve into the smooth adult sounding thrash metal formation it is today.

After the release of the demo "Twisting the Knife" X-Tinxion receives several promising reviews in magazines such as "Aardschok" and various E-zines, resulting in a variety of performances at many different venues, festivals such as Borstrock and Occult Fest and a place in some metal competitions like the Dutch "Metal Bash" and the international "Wacken Metal Battle".

X-TinXion, continues to storm the Dutch Metal stages, alongside descriptive metal bands like: Repent, Stronghold, Kaamos, Storm Rider, Eminence (ex-Sepultura), Perzonal War, Thanatos, Cypher and Nuclear Assault. On stage is where X-TinXion exceeds in tight play and exiting live shows.

Currently, X-Tinxion is recording a brand new demo CD at the Excess studios in Rotterdam and thrashes the stages live, like never before.

Metal-Battle Winner in Norway

Winner Band: Aeon Throne

"Extreme-Metalband from Drammen-Norway! Influenced by bands like Hate, Behemoth, Pantheon I, The Faceless, Nile, Psycroptic, Decapitated, Mayhem, Emperor, Ihsahn, Zyklon, Enslaved, 1349, Immortal, Keep of Kalessin, Opeth, Abigail Williams og Dimmu Borgir!

The Band started out with singer Marius and guitarist Jorn, gathering together with the idea of making a band with a focus on loads of energy, speed and tecnically challenging.
after jamming and rehersing as a two-man-project during the summer of 2010, Marius then discovered Simen, Who were currently playing bass in a local band from Porsgrunn called Wintergrave.After a quick meeting and some jamming, simen agreed to join in.
Since neither Marius or Jorn knew any drummer sufficient enough.Simen instantly thought of Sondre, whom completed the circle after a couple of rehersals, and desided to join.
Aeon Throne were now complete with a full line-up.
During October 10', when the band had had a couple of weeks to share ideas and trying themselves out, they realised that they had something special going on and took the band to another level, both technically and seriously.

the time went on and after several gigs, they decided to record their first EP, which were to be named "DAWN"
The studio selected for the job was Toproom studio, which previously had recorded several artists, like; Mayhem, Ava Inferi, Ihsahn,Arcturus,Borknagar,Ulver,Shining, Theatre of Tragedy, Red Harvest, Enslaved,Mezzerschmitt,Breed and Turbonegro (just to mention a few).

During the preparations, the band built a reputation for being extremely flawless and energic live (just like intended) And they had warmups for bigger bands, like Insense.

Everything turned up a notch when the band, not only winning the semi-finals in Notodden, but also won the Finals in Tronheim in the competition; Wacken Metal Battle This meant that the band now has its lucky shot, not only to play at the legendary Wacken, but also to win a lot of promotion and fame that comes with the competition.
These days, Aeon Throne is starting to build themselves a reputation in Norway, for being a great band, and gig after gig, giving the same mindblowing performance. Who knows what the future will bring?

-To be continued... "

Metal-Battle Winner in Poland

Winner Band: Leash Eye

Leash Eye was founded by three friends together to play just for fun. Shortly after that, the band started to perform live show. It was Just a beginning of what was going to happen in the upcoming future In October 2003 Sebb took over the vocals. With great skill He pushed the band forward and It emerged as a fresh force on the Warsaw’s rock/metal scene.
In the following year Leash Eye started touring around Poland. The change of the vocalist also led to the change of the music style. The band’s style incorporates 70’s hard rock riffs, contemporary sound and good old vintage vocals.
In autumn 2009 Metal Mundus Records released the band’s debut album titled V.E.N.I. After the new release the band toured Poland.

The following year brought new ideas and Leash Eye started working on the new album. In the summer of 2010 the band recorded and released a single titled From Hell To Wyoming. The single contains 2 songs and announces the upcoming full album, which is going to be titled V.I.D.I.
The new album is going to contain 11 songs. The recordings are underway in Warsaw’s Sounddivision Studio. The new record is being produced by Orion(Behemoth) and Heinrich(Decapitated)

Metal-Battle Winner in Portugal

Winner Band: Seven Stitches

From Grândola, one of the key places of the Portuguese revolution, Seven Stitches reveal themselves as a persevering quintet that maintains a regular and evolutionary activity since the beginning.
Their own revolution started in 2002 and they have already two demos, one EP and one split with Switchtense. These launches allowed them to refine their sonority and their live act through their presence in a number of stages around the country, sharing these with many national bands and others internationally known such as Vader, Severe Torture, Napalm Death, Suffocation, Warbringer, Hatesphere, Rotten sound, Brujeria, Fleshkrawl, Krisiun, amongst others.
Still in 2009, following some changes made in the formation of the group and the testing of some new themes live, the band concentrates in the recording of a new set of originals in the MDL Studios, with guitarist André Tavares leading the production alongside the rest of the band.
In January 2010, the studio work is completed and their first album, “When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted”, starts to gain a life of its own with the online disclosure of the themes “From The Sky” and “Room”. Both these themes confirm the band’s evolution and the cohesion of its new line-up.
The renewed group composed of Pica (Vocals), André Tavares and Bixo (Guitars), André Santos (Bass) and Nelson Teixeira (Drums) offers us, distilled over ten powerful themes, a thrash/death metal of many influences, from quick and abrasive to technical and melodic, always with the grip and adrenalin of one with a hunt in mind. Straight from the south of Portugal, doing justice to the hot plains of an infernal heat, “When The Hunter Becomes The Hunted” is an inflammable album that burns in any stereo and that certainly will not go unnoticed!

Metal-Battle Winner in Romania

Winner Band: Bucovina

Started in 2000, Bucovina brings forward a most interesting mixture of heavy metal and black metal, well spiced with folk elements and melodic lines. 2006 brought the release of the
acclaimed debut LP, “Ceasul Aducerii-aminte” (The Hour of the Reckoning), a strong 8-track album full of both speed and melody, awarded the best newcoming LP for that year.

Having opened for bands like Nokturnal Mortum, Arkona, Moonsorrow, Korpiklaani, Finntroll, Eluveitie, Bucovina went on with flying colors. While the musical maturity has led to better song-writing, the lyrical themes are still anchored in the mystical folklore, with glimpses into real history and, above all, – praising the beauty of our surrounding, nurturing Nature.

Bucovina is the first and only band in Romania to work with Dan Swano, the Duh (Spright) EP being a most powerful demonstration of how good Romanian can sound. The Duh EP
has received a lot of praise in the online media, and has made Bucovina better known in Europe
and US alike. October will see Bucovina and German legends Menhir perform in Kosice, Slovakia,
as part of a bigger tour Bucovina is working on.
Currently, Bucovina is preparing to record again, this year's album being scheduled for
autumn, with Dan Swano as sound engineer as well, and being an even more promising, enthralling
voyage in the realm of magic and mountains.
Fact: Since 2006, Bucovina has never been lower than position 4 on Romanian metal charts.

Metal-Battle Winner in Spain

Winner Band: Exquisite Pus

Exquisite Pus was formed in 2004 as a "one man band" by Miguel, who recorded all the instruments to give birth to "Delicious Carcass (ep)" influenced by bands like Carcass, Suffocation, Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse. With the release of this sick material Exquisite Pus needed more members to take it to the stages properly. That is when Juan Antonio was added as the main vocalist of the band. Later on Pedro inyected his part of brutality that Exquisite Pus was lack of with the bass guitar.

A good friend of the band did take part in the recording of the cd playing drums, Adrian from Demised to complete the line-up that recorded the first Split of the band "United in Repulsion" with two more bands from Barcelona: Carrioned and Confined. This Split was released by Neuralgia Records in 2007. After the release we decided that the sound we are looking for would be more sick including a second guitar player in the band. Achokarlos, a well known excelent guitar player was added to the band.

In September 2009 the first full lengh album called "Dead [forgotten]" was released by Xtreemmusic. Since this point the band hasn’t stopped playing with many good bands as Obituary (Usa) touring around the whole Spain, Despised Icon (Usa), Textures (Hol), Trigger the Bloodshed (Usa), Mumakil (Switzerland) and some festivals like SWR Fest, including bands as Venom (Uk), Malevolent Creation (Usa) among many others, Metal Lorca fest with Napalm Death (Uk), Grave Digger (Ger) or Destruction (Ger).

During the Dead [forgotten] introducing tour, our drummer Helios had to leave the band. He was substituted by another brilliant drummer from Cieza (Spain).

Nowadays the band is ending the writting process of the second album that is suposed to be released at the end of 2011. No doubt, a big step for the band career was the addition of the actual drummer of the band Javilo (Mungia, Spain) the amazing new exquisite member.

In the meantime their guitar player ACHOKARLOS edited “Mind Landscapes” (autoedited) with the collaborations of outstanding musicians from bands like Cynic (Usa), Textures (Ned) or Daath (Usa) among others. Also ACHOKARLOS has many popularity in youtube with more than 10.000.000 video plays in his channel.

Thanks to a contundent live show with a worked performance, Exquisite Pus won the Wacken Metal Battle Spain taking place at the most important metal festival worldwide called Wacken Open Air that will take place the 4th-6th August 2011. The band will play at the International Finals of the contest competing against 30 bands from all over the world.

Metal-Battle Winner in Sweden

Winner Band: Mother of God

Woke up at dawn and felt a strong belief in nature spirits, looked out. Black shape. I went to the nearby forest and the journey had begun. Without a direct way, I went through the woods and crossed mountains. Suddenly elated by light, I was under the raven's wings. Numb. Awakened by a thud and the silhouettes of the three. Embrace. The circle was complete. .."The concept of rock n roll and raw energy refers to any number from the beginning to the end of their music. Time Machine and Rebel - this is just a proof that this music fits perfectly with the cold brew in hand.".. - Noise Garden (stoner bands society) ..".. in the band's music you can also find traces of quantities such as Black Sabbath and early Soundgarden. Mother of God will certainly shake the Scandinavian metal / stoner scene for a long time to come." - Fredrik Gleisner, Goatbridge Productions "Wow, a nice surprise in the form of a heavy cracker. The boys delivers stonerrock with quality. As a heavier Mustasch." - Jonas Stentäpp, Dalademokraten .."Mother of God builds their music on the divinity of the riff. And sometimes they actually reach heavenly heights with its heavy, repetitive music.".. - Anders K Gustafsson, Dalarnas Tidningar .."..the material still consistently delivers and they're always good to see live." - John Pegoraro (

Metal-Battle Winner in Switzerland

Winner Band: Omnicide

Die Entstehungsgeschichte von Omnicide ist ziemlich schwierig zu beschreiben und lässt sich am ehesten mit dem Satz „Es passierte einfach“ zusammenfassen. Silvano von Road to Nohwere wollte schon seit geraumer Zeit eine Möglichkeit finden, seinen nicht verwendeten Songideen Ausdruck zu verleihen, bemühte sich aber nie wirklich aktiv darum, die Bandmitglieder dazu zu suchen. Als im Frühjahr 2010 Daniel, der früher Sänger bei Road to Nowhere war, bei Silvano anrief und im vorschlug, mit Markus von den Trigger Tones zu jamen, wurde der Idee der neuen Band wieder Leben eingehaucht. Unterstützung bekamen die Drei von dem Road to Nowhere- Bassisten Reto. Es konnte also losgehen und so wurden zu Beginn einige Covers und einige Songs aus dem Portfolio von Silvano eingeübt, welche aber recht schnell wieder verworfen wurden. Grund dafür war, dass diese Songs es nicht ganz vermochten, den Vibe der Band einzufangen. So machten sich die vier Musiker daran, neues Material zu schreiben. Die Marschrichtung sollte fortan eine explosive Mischung aus Death- und Thrashmetal darstellen, ohne aber den Sinn für kompakte und eingängige Melodien zu verlieren. Recht schnell wurde klar, dass zur Vervollständigung der Band ein weiterer Gitarrist von Vorteil sein könnte. Dieser wurde mit Cédric in einem Freund der Band gefunden. Die bereits bestehenden Songs wurden durch die Zweistimmigkeit und die filigranen Gitarrenleads auf eine höhere Stufe gehoben und Cédric brachte sich auch sofort aktiv beim Songwriting ein. Die Band war im Mai 2010 komplett und es musste ein Namen her. Durch Zufall und in leichter Abwesenheit der Geisteskräfte kamen Daniel und Silvano auf den Namen Omnicide, der ihnen schon als Titel des 09er Neaera- Werks bekannt war und die vollkommene Zerstörung der Menschheit durch die Menschheit selbst bezeichnet. Anfang Herbst nahm die Band einige Demosongs auf, die man sich auf der Myspace- Seite der Band ( anhören kann.

Metal-Battle Winner in United Kingdom

United Kingdom
Winner Band: Achren

Formed in Scotland in 2003, Glasgow based Achren’s brand of metal is crushingly heavy and uncompromising. Filled with raw and razor sharp riffs, death metal growls, black metal screams, and pounding drums they create a unique and commandeering sound which over the course of their first two demos and subsequent releases have forged the term ‘Blood Metal.’

Since the line-up solidified they have sought to build a reputation as one of the most sought after and feared bands in the UK today, to great live critical acclaim and have managed to build a steady fanbase throughout the country along the way.

Having shared stages with the likes of Morbid Angel, Destruction, Devildriver, Onslaught and Dismember to name but a few, Achren have augmented their growing reputation in the UK metal scene, and through positive reviews, national press coverage with the likes of Metal Hammer and Zero Tolerance, and some hard work managed their first tour in Scandinavia in 2007.

Their next move saw the production of the single ‘Blood Soaked Banner’ by esteemed metal producer Dave Chang, and accompanied by playlists on the likes of Totalrock, a Terrorizer magazine cover-mount CD appearance, a live BBC session, widely regarded as a first in their genre and the radio station, and a gruelling and relentless UK promotional schedule, they furthered their reputation as a leading dark in the underground UK metal scene.

Having spent 2009 working on their debut album, and managing to find the time to tour under the Northern Brutality moniker, the band consisting of Scott Anderson – Vocals, Guitar, Callum Kirk – Lead Guitar, Gordon Johnston – Drum and John Clark Paterson – Bass, as well as providing high profile supports to the likes of Vader, Sabbat, Chthonic and Hecate Enthroned, recently performed at the UK’s premier independent metal festival ‘Bloodstock-Open-Air,’ A DVD of their full ‘Bloodstock Open Air 2010′ set is due for release in JAnuary 2011.

As a result of this performance the band have now been chosen, through the Metal 2 the Masses band initiative, to perform at ‘Wacken-Open-Air’ in 2011.

Work is now complete on the debut, as yet untitled album set for a spring release and the band are currently confirming further 2011 festival appearances and selected dates in time for the album release.

Achren look forward to the prospect of spreading their aural brutality to countless thousands and terrorizing the rest into faithful submission.

Dates 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Austria

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Preliminary 1 Vienna Viper Room 24th Feb 2011
Preliminary 2 Vienna Viper Room 2th Mar 2011
Preliminary 3 Vienna Viper Room 7th Apr 2011
Preliminary 4 Vienna Viper Room 27th Apr 2011
Preliminary 5 Vienna Viper Room 5th May 2011
Preliminary 6 Vienna Viper Room 26th May 2011
Semi Final1 Vienna Viper Room 2nd Jun 2011
Semi Final2 Vienna Viper Room 9th Jun 2011
Finals Vienna Viper Room 18th Jun 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Belgium

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Schedule City Venue Date
Preliminar Maasmechelen Jagersborg 26th Mar 2011
Preliminar Sint Niklaas OJC Kompas 2nd Apr 2011
Preliminar Oostende JH OHK 16th Apr 2011
Finals Zingem Volksring te Zingem 28th May 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Brazil

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Preliminary 01 Manaus/AM tba April 09th 2011
Preliminary 02 Belo Horizonte/MG Matriz April 10th 2011
Preliminary 03 Rio De Janeiro/RJ Mackenzie Clube April 10th 2011
Preliminary 04 Santos/SP Coliseu Do Rock April 23rd 2011
Preliminary 05 São Paulo/SP Manifesto Bar April 28th 2011
Preliminary 06 Campo Grande/MS Republica Music Bar May 07th 2011
Preliminary 07 Jacaraipe-Serra/ES Yard of Rock May 07th 2011
Preliminary 08 Florianópolis/SC Célula Bar May 14th 2011
Preliminary 09 Goiânia/GO Centro Cult Martim Cererê May 14th 2011
Preliminary 10 São José dos Campos/SP Hocus Pocus May 14th 2011
Preliminary 11 Belém/PA tba May 15th 2011
Preliminary 12 Salvador/BA Groove Bar May 15th 2011
Preliminary 13 Curitiba/PR Blood Rock Bar May 20th 2011
Preliminary 14 Recife/PE tba May 20th 2011
Preliminary 15 Fortaleza/CE Santa Cruz Club May 21st 2011
Preliminary 16 Gramado/RS Vox Music Bar May 21st 2011
Preliminary 17 João Pessoa/PB tba May 21st 2011
Preliminary 18 Ribeirão Preto/SP tba May 21st 2011
Preliminary 19 Rio Branco/AC tba May 28th 2011
Preliminary 20 Brasilia/DF America Rock Clube May 29th2011
Preliminary 21 Campinas/SP Sebastian Bar May 29th 2011
National Final Varginha/MG Roça n Roll Festival June 24th 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Central America

Central America
For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Preliminar San Jose Latino Rock Cafe 28th Nov 2010
Preliminar San Jose Latino Rock Cafe 12th Dec 2010
Preliminar San Jose Latino Rock Cafe 23th Jan 2011
Preliminar San Jose Latino Rock Cafe 13th Feb 2011
Final Costa Rica San Jose Latino Rock Cafe 19th Feb 2011
Final Panama Panama BBQ Sport Bar 29th Jan 2011
Preliminar Guatemala Guatemala Teatro de Bellas Artes 6th Feb 2011
Final Guatemala Guatemala Teatro de Bellas Artes 26th Feb 2011
Final Honduras San Pedro Sula Museo de Antropologia e Historia 6th Feb 2011
Final Centroamerica San Jose La nena live 19th Mar 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in China

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Schedule City Venue Date
tba. tba. tba. tba.

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Denmark

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Schedule City Venue Date
Preliminar Aalborg Studenterhuset 2nd Apr2011
Preliminar Roskilde Gimle 9th Apr 2011
Finals Kolding Godset 16th Apr 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Ex SFRJ Republics

Ex SFRJ Republics
For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
tba. tba. tba. tba.

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Finland

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
tba. tba. tba. tba.

Metal-Battle Tourdates in France

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Villeurbanne Transbordeur 13th May 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Germany

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Bad Grund Walpurgisrock-Festival 30th Apr 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Greece

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Athens AN Club 17th Apr 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Iceland

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Iceland Reykjavík Sodoma Reykjavik 5th March 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in India

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Preliminar Delhi Double Becker 7th Nov 2010
Preliminar Mumbai B69 Bajao 21st Nov 2010
Preliminar Guwahati Shilpgram 26th Nov 2010
Preliminar Bangalore Kyra 11th Dec 2010
FINALS Bangalore Kyra 12th Dec 2010

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Ireland

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Schedule City Venue Date
Irish Finals Dublin Fibber Magees 30th Apr 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Israel

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
tba. tba. tba. tba.

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Italy

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Semi Final 1 Bari Target Club 3rd Jun 2011
Semi Final 2 Bari Target Club 10th Jun 2011
Final Italy Bari Target Club 17th Jun 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Latvia

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Riga Melna Piektdiena Club 11th Jun 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Lithuania

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Vilnius PROPAGANDA Club 2nd Apr. 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Luxembourg

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Esch/Alzette Kulturfabrik 2nd Apr 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Mexico

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Semi Final 1 Mexico City Circo Valador 07th May 2011
Semi Final 2 Mexico City Circo Valador 14th May 2001
Semi Final 3 Mexico City Circo Valador 15th May 2011
Semi Final 4 Mexico City Circo Valador 21th May 2011
Semi Final 5 Mexico City Circo Valador 22th May 2011
Semi Final 6 Mexico City Circo Valador 27th May 2011
Semi Final 7 Mexico City Circo Valador 28th May 2011
Mexican Finals Mexico City Circo Valador 29th May 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Netherlands

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Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Weert M.C. de Bosuil 8th May 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Norway

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Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Trondheim Blaest 15th Apr 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Poland

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Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Torun OdNowa Club 7th May / 14th May 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Portugal

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Schedule City Venue Date

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Romania

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Sibiu Oldies Pub 7th JUL 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Spain

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Schedule City Venue Date
Semi Finals Madrid Sala Silokona 25th-26th Mar 2011
Semi Finals Barcelona Begood 01st - 02nd Apr 2011
Finals Sabadell La Sala 28th May 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Sweden

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Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Stockholm Kägelbanan 28th Apr. 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Switzerland

For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Preliminary Herisau Metalvetia Metal Club 26th Mar 2011
Preliminary Solothurn Kofmehl 27th Mar 2011
Preliminary Monthey Pont Rouge 7th May 2011
Finals Zürich Dynamo 4th June 2011

Metal-Battle Tourdates in United Kingdom

United Kingdom
For detailed information click here
Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Derbyshire Bloodstock Open Air 13-15th Aug 2010

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