The biggest national Wacken Metal Battle of the World!

There were more than 500 bands applying to the Wacken Metal Battle Brazil 2011. Now, the 100 bands nominated by Roadie Crew Magazine staff, will take part in the contest shows to define the national winner which is going to represents Brazil in Wacken Metal Battle 2011, in Germany, during the 22th edition of Wacken Open Air Festival.

The Brazilian part of the contest takes place in 20 regional shows with 5 competitors each show in 20 different cities throughout the country. The classifying shows are scheduled to occur between April 9th and May 29th. The Brazilian Final will take place in Varginha City, on June 24th during the Roça N' Roll Festival.



Metal-Battle Tourdates in Brazil


Schedule City Venue Date
Preliminary 01 Manaus/AM tba April 09th 2011
Preliminary 02 Belo Horizonte/MG Matriz April 10th 2011
Preliminary 03 Rio De Janeiro/RJ Mackenzie Clube April 10th 2011
Preliminary 04 Santos/SP Coliseu Do Rock April 23rd 2011
Preliminary 05 São Paulo/SP Manifesto Bar April 28th 2011
Preliminary 06 Campo Grande/MS Republica Music Bar May 07th 2011
Preliminary 07 Jacaraipe-Serra/ES Yard of Rock May 07th 2011
Preliminary 08 Florianópolis/SC Célula Bar May 14th 2011
Preliminary 09 Goiânia/GO Centro Cult Martim Cererê May 14th 2011
Preliminary 10 São José dos Campos/SP Hocus Pocus May 14th 2011
Preliminary 11 Belém/PA tba May 15th 2011
Preliminary 12 Salvador/BA Groove Bar May 15th 2011
Preliminary 13 Curitiba/PR Blood Rock Bar May 20th 2011
Preliminary 14 Recife/PE tba May 20th 2011
Preliminary 15 Fortaleza/CE Santa Cruz Club May 21st 2011
Preliminary 16 Gramado/RS Vox Music Bar May 21st 2011
Preliminary 17 João Pessoa/PB tba May 21st 2011
Preliminary 18 Ribeirão Preto/SP tba May 21st 2011
Preliminary 19 Rio Branco/AC tba May 28th 2011
Preliminary 20 Brasilia/DF America Rock Clube May 29th2011
Preliminary 21 Campinas/SP Sebastian Bar May 29th 2011
National Final Varginha/MG Roça n Roll Festival June 24th 2011


Metal-Battle Winner in Brazil

Winner Band: Nekrost

Formed in 1998, on Manaus-AM, by the young guys Eduardo Viana (Guitar), Glauber Rico (Vocals), João Meireles (Drums), Eduardo Ribeiro (Bass) and Alexandre Sales (Guitar), the band Nekrost starts to get space on the local scene with their presentations through the city, on events of the Thrash-Metal genre, in the same year of their birth... How it normally happens with musical groups that are begining, Nekrost had impasse moments among their members and, after some time, the component Alexandre quits the band and is replaced, during some months, by Wanderley Junior. Following, still without a definitive formation, two other components decide to stay himselves away from the band, the guitar player Eduardo Viana and the Drummer João Meireles say farewell, and Nekrost stay for almost three years without perform. In the middle of 2004, with a new composition, the band comes back to the rock scene for satisfaction of the veterans Glauber Rico (Vocals) and Eduardo Ribeiro (Bass), founders of the band, that did not abdicate of give continuity to Nekrost's work. The new members Leland Dantas and Rodrigo Botelho domain the guitars and, still, João Meireles who returned to his old post, drums, the group complete theirselves and return to perform, this time with more determination and professional maturity. Still in 2004, appears the first compositions of the band, and from the begining of 2005, the Works advances and new music is created, without mention that Nekrost conquers the Amazon rock public with shows on importants Amazon metal events, included Manacapuru city. The band's proposal is to play Thrash Metal with some pinchs of Progressive Metal, the two major influences of the band, with lyrics in english, the genre characteristcs language, and to board themes such associal critiques and daily life, among other facts that could be considered interesting for the group's point of view. Today Nekrost is developing their own composition material, actually they recorded their first EP with just four musics, called "All My Hate", that is the same name of one of the compositions created, and that possibly will make its introducing show in the first semester of 2007. Inicially, the ideia is to sum up with other bands of the city, for later get space and reach the group's major objective that is the Nacional scene, and thus contribute with the Amazon culture too, divulging the great talents that Manaus city has to offer. Recently the band has undergone a change in their line up. João Meireles left the band, giving way to Robson Mariano (Mortificy). Assuming the position of drummer in the band.

Nekrost line up 2011

Glauber Rico - Vocals
Duda Ribeiro - Bass & Backing Vocals
Rodrigo Mosca - Guitar & Backing Vocals
Leland Dantas - Lead guitar
Robson Mariano - Drums


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