Metal-Battle Tourdates in Ex SFRJ Republics

Ex SFRJ Republics

Schedule City Venue Date
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Metal-Battle Winner in Ex-SFRJ Republics

Ex-SFRJ Republics
Winner Band: Tanker

Tanker is sludge/stoner metal band from Banja Luka, the capital city of Bosnia’s entity, Republic of Srpska. Formed in 2008., the band was a side-project of members from three Banja Luka-based bands Monument, Revolt and AntiDope. Soon after its inception, however, the band became more serious. In 2009, the band appeared at the Nektar DemoFest and finished in third place at the competition. This was the fuel that convinced the band to continue forward with full power. Bands first EP “Sorrow Drives The Will” was recorded in 2010 in their hometown, and was self-released by the band. Since then, the band has played numerous shows in Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia, building the reputation of one of the best bands in the region!