Metal-Battle Tourdates in Luxembourg


Schedule City Venue Date
Finals Esch/Alzette Kulturfabrik 2nd Apr 2011


Metal-Battle Winner in Luxembourg

Winner Band: Rude Revelation

RUDE REVELATION, a young revelation indeed, is a luxemburgish Death/Thrash Metal Band, founded in Summer 2007 by Jeff Buchette (Guitars), Raphael Gambuto (Guitars) and André Millim (Drums). In September, Chris Bremer (bass), a friend of Raph joined. Only a few weeks later, Noémie Leer (vocals) joined the band. The band now being complete, they worked intensively during the following months. RUDE REVELATION developed an energetic, rhythmic Thrash theme with melodic Death-Metal influences, enshrouding macabre and melancholic lyrics.
Encouraged after their first gig in December 2007, they went on and ahead, writing more songs. By a stroke of luck, they went on twice to participate at the luxembourgish edition of the W:O:A Metal Battle. Being able to play at a larger scene, the press took much notice of this promising young newcomers. In July 2008, Pit Seyler joined the Band and replaced Chris on the Bass. A new line-up change occured in December 2008: Jeff left and was replaced by Jonas Lippert.
In January 2009, RUDE REVELATION announced their retreat to the LSD Studio in Lübeck. Their Debut LP was produced by Lasse Lammert, who already produced the scottish Band "Alestorm", and was mastered by James Murphy in March 2009. The Release was held at the Kulturfabrik on 22nd May 2009 and supported among others by X-VISION and DESTINITY.
As of now, RUDE REVELATION did concerts in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and France. In January 2009, they were given the chance to act as opener for TURISAS. In April 2010, they were supporting the Spring Session Tour, sharing the stage with SIX FEET UNDER, ILLDISPOSED and IN SLUMBER. Still they are awaiting further gigs, to improve and interact with other bands.