Metal-Battle Tourdates in Spain


Schedule City Venue Date
Semi Finals Madrid Sala Silokona 25th-26th Mar 2011
Semi Finals Barcelona Begood 01st - 02nd Apr 2011
Finals Sabadell La Sala 28th May 2011


Metal-Battle Winner in Spain

Winner Band: Exquisite Pus

Exquisite Pus was formed in 2004 as a "one man band" by Miguel, who recorded all the instruments to give birth to "Delicious Carcass (ep)" influenced by bands like Carcass, Suffocation, Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse. With the release of this sick material Exquisite Pus needed more members to take it to the stages properly. That is when Juan Antonio was added as the main vocalist of the band. Later on Pedro inyected his part of brutality that Exquisite Pus was lack of with the bass guitar.

A good friend of the band did take part in the recording of the cd playing drums, Adrian from Demised to complete the line-up that recorded the first Split of the band "United in Repulsion" with two more bands from Barcelona: Carrioned and Confined. This Split was released by Neuralgia Records in 2007. After the release we decided that the sound we are looking for would be more sick including a second guitar player in the band. Achokarlos, a well known excelent guitar player was added to the band.

In September 2009 the first full lengh album called "Dead [forgotten]" was released by Xtreemmusic. Since this point the band hasn’t stopped playing with many good bands as Obituary (Usa) touring around the whole Spain, Despised Icon (Usa), Textures (Hol), Trigger the Bloodshed (Usa), Mumakil (Switzerland) and some festivals like SWR Fest, including bands as Venom (Uk), Malevolent Creation (Usa) among many others, Metal Lorca fest with Napalm Death (Uk), Grave Digger (Ger) or Destruction (Ger).

During the Dead [forgotten] introducing tour, our drummer Helios had to leave the band. He was substituted by another brilliant drummer from Cieza (Spain).

Nowadays the band is ending the writting process of the second album that is suposed to be released at the end of 2011. No doubt, a big step for the band career was the addition of the actual drummer of the band Javilo (Mungia, Spain) the amazing new exquisite member.

In the meantime their guitar player ACHOKARLOS edited “Mind Landscapes” (autoedited) with the collaborations of outstanding musicians from bands like Cynic (Usa), Textures (Ned) or Daath (Usa) among others. Also ACHOKARLOS has many popularity in youtube with more than 10.000.000 video plays in his channel.

Thanks to a contundent live show with a worked performance, Exquisite Pus won the Wacken Metal Battle Spain taking place at the most important metal festival worldwide called Wacken Open Air that will take place the 4th-6th August 2011. The band will play at the International Finals of the contest competing against 30 bands from all over the world.