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A Statement from the Israeli Metal Battle winners of 2011:

"Participating in the Wacken Metal Battle was an amazing experience for us as a new band, and a lot of fun as well. We recommend to any unsigned metal band to try out for this competition. After winning the Metal Battle we went to sign a record deal with Sonic Attack Records and toured Europe with American legends D.R.I. just 3 months after the festival. We have a lot of great plans lined up for us in 2012 as well. There is no doubt that the Metal Battle was a great jump start for Hammercult".


A Statement from the finnish Metal Battle winners of 2010:

Participating in the Metal Battle 2010 was both a cool and an eye opening experience. Cool because we got to appear in W:O:A: on two consecutive years, eye opening because not everything went according to plan.

The national finals in Finland were kind of a hassle. The associating company didn’t seem to be all that interested in doing their job, and getting any information about the trip to Wacken was just impossible. To our knowledge, the whole company has vanished since then.

In Wacken things were better. The actual show was very nice - for a young band as us, playing for such a huge audience was just great. Still even after winning the competition there were a few surprises. Apparently their record label had recently gone bankrupt, so we never ended up signing a deal of any kind with them. Still, getting all the equipment was neat and the publicity has done as a lot of good.

All in all, the Metal Battle wasn’t really a quick ticket to stardom, but nevertheless an important step in our career.
-Eero Sipilä, Battle Beast


A Statement from the spanish Metal Battle winners of 2009:

"Surely, W:O:A Metal Battle has been the most rewarding thing to Crisix. Before it, just going to Wacken to see bands and have fun was a dream, so can you imagine playing there? Then winning Metal Battle, of course was incredible.

This experience have taught us lot of things and has opened lots of doors. Probably the biggest publicity we've ever had too.
We hoped to release our first CD with Wacken Records but due to some problems we couldn't do it. Despite being a downer for Crisix, we are proud because it made us more strong and better prepared to release our first album. Metal Battle gave us desire to build The Menace and believe in it.


A Statement from the Israeli Metal Battle winners of 2008:

"The Wacken Metal Battle is definitely the most important thing that happened to us as a band. Gaining recognition in the international metal scene is a very hard task for a band from Israel, and we were very grateful to take this opportunity and make the best out of it".


A Statement from the Brazil Metal Battle winners of 2007:

"We won the Wacken Metal Battle in 2006 and this was actually the start for our international career. Especially as TORTURE SQUAD is from Brasil its really hard to get a record deal or even the attention of the labels in Europe but through this competition we got the chance to release our latest album 'Hellbound' all over Europe.

Later we went on tour with two of our heroes: Overkill and Exodus - all supported by the Metal Battle crew.

Playing as a headliner for the Metal Battles in 2007 and 2008 in different countries was also a lot of fun and a great experience. At least not to forget all the friends and fans we made through this all over the world.

What the wheel was for the evolution of mankind the Metal Battle is for the evolution of the Metal underground!"


A Statement from the German Metal Battle winners of 2006:

"After winning the Wacken Metal battle 2006 the band changed in a positive way. Signing with the Wacken record label was our first important step in the music business. We are pleased to have such a professional team working with us, who support us with all their strength! Since winning the Metal battle we have the opportunity to play many more shows than before and have been able to gather much more experience and have become tighter as a band...

There is no better contest and we would recommend every new band to compete."


A Statement from the German Metal Battle winners of 2005:

"In 2005 we took part in the metal battle contest. We expected nothing (mostly "band battles"; don't have such a good reputation in beeing fair to the bands, isn't it), so we were really surprised by the organisation of the metal battle: a jury instead of stupid audience decisions, solid equipment on stage and so on, strict timetable,good sound, above all professionality by the organisators.

Finals in wacken were cool too. We had a lot of fun there.

After winning the 2005-battle, we signed this contract with wacken records, released two albums, had tours, chicks, money…all that kind of stuff, musicians dream of…to be honest, metal battle helped us getting known in the scene, especially in the commercial sector. So we learned a lot of what this business is about.

In summary: the metal battle has been an important step for us. And we never regret in taking part in this competition."

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