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28.02.2011 13:48 Age: 7 yrs
By: Metal-Battle Team

MB Central America - All Finalists are chosen

The final stretch to being part of the Wacken Open Air 2011 at the WET Stage is already set. Each centralamerican country choose it`s band already, the battles over the region took place, fans mosh it up and fill up the venues and the process is comming to it`s end. The event is dedicated to the loved memory of Flavio Yuja.


From Panamá: Cabeza de Martillo, from Costa Rica: Sight of Emptiness, from Nicaragua: Azathoth, from El Salvador: Virginia Clemm, from Honduras: Vendetta and from Guatemala: Virus Bélico. Those bands have now the task to make sure to the production, 10 days before, that they can reach Costa Rica the 19th of March. We are almost sure that we do not have to use the method of replacing winner bands at just days of the final date.


The final battle will take place at Latino Rock Café, next Saturday, March 19th at 6 p.m. The winner will not just advance to the worldwide final at Wacken, but will be as well the opening act for Motörhead in Costa Rica on comming April 6th.


The jury will consist of a choosen member from the production of each country. Remember that the final objective of this battle is not to choose A winner between Central America countries, but to have the BEST band from the istmus, representing us in "our" first chance to participate in that "Metal Meca town" called,


WACKEN 2011!!!


The central american finals will take place on the 19th of March at latino rock cafe in san Jose Costa Rica.