04.06.2018 13:53: Metal Battle Argentinia - Winner announced

We are happy to announce that MALICIOUS CULEBRA are the winner of Metal Battle Argentinia.

Founded in 2007 in Berazategui, Argentina, MALICIOUS CULEBRA is a Groove Metal Band that is constantly in a growing process. From the beginning to the present
Malicious Culebra has built its' own music personality and a unique style.
After a demo called La Oscuridad in 2013 the band released its' debut album called Mecanismo de Defensa.
This album was recorded at Absolute Studio is Bs. As. with Ivan Iniguez as a sound engineer and producer. This album contains powerful songs and social lyrics that characterizes
the band.
The band was on tour presenting Mecanismo de Defensa for two years participating in more than 100 shows.
In 2015 Malicious Culebra released its first DVD SHOW
called Grito de Furia.
After working very hard for three years, in 2018 Malicious Culebra released Como Un Animal.
This album is the most successful one and the most popular among the fans. This album was recorded in Estudios Panda, one of the most important South American studios
(with Ivan Iniguez as sound engineer and producer). Como un animal contains 10 songs that can make you feel calm with soft chords and effects and also can make you enjoy the
violence of powerful riffs.
During the last 11 years, Malicious Culebra has grown persistently. Today the band is having its best moment and emerging as a referent in its country.

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