23.02.2017 16:24: METAL BATTLE CENTRALAMERICA - dates set

Metal Battle Central America has started again.
For the first time with a band from Belice.
Verge of Umbra will fight against bands like Votraster from Panama and G.O.D from Honduras.

The dates for all the prerounds and finales:
finale Panama|Panama|Hangar 18|Feb 18th
semifinale|Costa Rica|Fenix Rock Sport Bar|Feb 26th
semifinale|Costa Rica|Fenix Rock Sport Bar|March 5th
finale Guatemala|Guatemala|Trova Rock|March 11th
finale Costa Rica|Costa Rica|Fenix Rock Sport Bar|March 19th
finale El Salvador|El Salvador|Buhos Pizza|March 25th
Finale Central America|Guatemala|TrovaRock|April 8th

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