11.04.2018 10:37: Metal Battle China - Finale announced

W:O:A Metal Battle China - established since 2008 by Painkiller Magazine/Productions. Since 2018 MB China joins in collaboration with the biggest open air rock festival: Midi Festival.

Painkiller Prod.:
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MB CN Semifinals 2018
6x semifinals in five cities across whole China result 8x semifinalists according to best scores given by the onsite jury:

MB CN South West China Semifinal
March 23rd 2018 in Kunming at VOS Art Space
semifinalist: Ju Wu Xing (industrial nu metal from Lijiang)
special guest: Parasitic Eve (melodic death metal from Kunming)

MB CN North West China Semifinal
March 25th 2018 in Hohhot at WhoHot Livehouse
semifinalist: Nang (funky folk rap metal from Hohhot)

MB CN North China Semifinal
March 31st / April 1st 2018 in Beijing at Midi School of Music
Die From Sorrow (modern melodic death metal from Beijing)
Song of Chu (modern folk metal from Beijing)
Nower (melodic death metal from Beijing)
Never Before (stoner metal from Beijing)

MB CN East China Semifinal
April 5th 2018 in Suzhou at Camp Midi
semifinalist: Lao Lü (instrumental metal from Shanghai)

MB CN South China Semifinal
April 6th 2018 in Shenzhen at Midi Center
semifinalist: Mystrain (female fronted melodic metal/folk metal from Guangzhou)

2018 W:O:A Metal Battle China Final
April 29th 2018 in Suzhou at Taihu Midi Festival on Zhanguo Stage, all 8x semifinalists will compete on the final for China Winner on the biggest Chinese open air metal stage!

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