08.03.2017 10:01: METAL BATTLE URUGUAY 2017 – ROUND 1

Last Saturday, March 4th, was the First Round of Metal Battle Uruguay 2017 at the venue “BJ Sala” (Montevideo), with an assistance of near 300 people, the first five bands made their shows.
The first one was ASHENDAWN , a very new band, with no more than a few months in the local scene, but still, with a demolishing sound.
Following them, came ALPHA , a relative new band, who left a very good impression to all the assistants, with an intense show.
Then, the turn of CINICA , a very good melodic band, with a female singer and near ten years at the local scene.
The fourth band was APNEUMA , a band that in the last Metal Battle was very near to win, and now comes for revenge.
Finally, the last band was BAGUAL , a band who travelled near 100 kilometers to leave a really powerful show.
After the end, the juries and people voted, and the winner was APNEUMA! (for the second time at the finals)
Congratulations to them, and to all the other four bands, not only for a great show they did, but also for showing great attitude and professionalism.
So, next round, the second, will be in two weeks (March 18th), with the bands:. FORCEP , ABYSSAL DIMENSION , EUPHOCORDIA , SCOMBRO and DAWNFALL XV
See you !!!

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