15.05.2017 16:53: METAL BATTLE URUGUAY 2017 – WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

Finally came THE DAY. Two years passed since last Metal Battle, and now, we have the chosen band, the third to represent Uruguay at Wacken Open Air, and the band is SOULLESS FAITH , a five piece demolishing machine who have now, the responsibility of showing the world why they are here.
The final round took place again at venue “BJ Sala” in Montevideo (as all the preceding), with a sold out sign. One thing remarkable in this Metal Battle 2017, is that, since the first show, the assistance was growing and growing, from show to show, so in the finals, we had a full venue!
About the show:
The band who was responsible to open the night was SOULLESS FAITH, a band that debuted in Metal Battle 2015, and since then, have been growing and maturing their sound and performance, and generating a great fanbase. Their frontman has a very good interaction with the fans, and the band sounds everyday more solid, so this was reflected in the final voting.
After them came SCOMBRO, the only four piece band in this final, with a Thrash-Death mix and a very intense and funny show. For sure, this band was one of the highlights of the Battle, surprising a lot of people with their performance and show, not only in the finals, but also in the previous round. We’ll keep an eye on them!
Then came the last band to get into the finals, CRYSTAL GATES, raising high the flag of Power Metal, with their fast and clear sound and a front-woman who has a nice communion with the fans.
And finally, was turn of APNEUMA, one of the two bands that participated in every Metal Battle Uruguay editions, and for second time, accessing to the finals. The show enhanced their last presentation, not only the music, but also for the theatrical performance, showing everyone why they are one of the best bands of actual local scene.
Resuming: Every one of the four bands made a great show. It’s remarkable the effort everyone does preparing their shows at Metal Battle, and this is one of the most important achievements of MB: Behind the “excuse” of the battle, the local scene and the bands are improving and growing.
Once they finished, and during the voting of juries and assistants, we had the honor of enjoying a show of LIBERTAD O MUERTE, last Metal Battle winners, late in 2015.
When it all finished, and some minutes later, finally the results were revealed, and everyone knew that SOULLESS FAITH, is now the representative of the smallest country of South America in the biggest festival of the World.

So, see you at Wacken (with SOULLESS FAITH), rain or shine!!

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