30.06.2017 14:20: Wacken Metal Battle Indonesia - Winner Announced

Wacken Metal Battle Indonesia 2017 (WMBI 2017) is a national competition that held to find one metal band that is objectively considered as the most representative and ready to represents Indonesia in Wacken Metal Battle, Wacken Open Air, in Germany. Wacken Metal Battle Indonesia 2017 was held on cooperation between DCDC (, Atap Promotions, and The Metal Rebel, with two Steering Committees, Kimung (Karinding Attack) and Eben (Burgerkill). All of the organizers see that this event is a real action to supporting the movement of Indonesian metal scene in order to penetrate the international scene, once to open the eyes of the world about the potential from Indonesian metal scene. Indonesian metal scene needs to be given a chance to be seen at the international music festival, and when the networking is opened, it fits perfectly with the goal. It is also related with the commitment to supporting the regeneration of metal band that is ready to go to international scene, while setting a new line of metal bands in national festival culture.
The registration of WMBI 2017 was opened since February 1st, 2017 by online registration at and closed at April 17th, 2017. The total number of candidates for WMBI 2017 is 238 bands from 59 cities in Indonesia, such as Bandung, Sukabumi, Jakarta, Palembang, Solo, Denpasar, Malang, Banjarbaru, Semarang, Bekasi, Lumajang, Surabaya, Majalengka, Magelang, Karawang, Tasikmalaya, Pekanbaru, Tenggarong, Garut, Cimahi, Wonogiri, Bogor, Banyumas, Purbalingga, Dumai, Pangkalan Bun, Yogyakarta, Manado, Samarinda, Klaten, Banda Aceh, Pontianak, Sidoarjo, Palu, Depok, Banjarmasin, Medan, Batang, Serang, Karawang, Ciamis, Gorontalo, Indramayu, Jember, Lamongan, Martapura, Bukittinggi, Purwokerto, Palangkaraya, Bandar Lampung, Kota Bumi, Makassar, Cianjur, Tabanan, Sumedang, Banjarbaru, Gianyar, Jambi, and Mojokerto. The top five cities are Bandung (58 bands), Jakarta (29 bands), Malang (13 bands), Denpasar (13 bands), and Bogor (9 bands). All of these bands have really great qualities and dominated by some fresh faces in extreme scene in Indonesia.
During the registration, the organizer did an activation of insight development and discussion that concerning about Indonesia International Metal and WMBI 2017 in three spreading points, such as WMBI 2017 Basecamp in Bandung, in West Region such as Jakarta (March 23rd, 2017), Bandar Lampung (April 2nd, 2017), Sukabumi (April 8th, 2017) and Cianjur (April 9th, 2017); and in East region such as Malang (April 11th, 2017) and Denpasar (April 13th, 2017). This activity was held by the organizers and being supported by independent music activists in each city.
The assessment for all of the candidates was running since the end of March 2017, with Muhammad Rohman (Man Jasad), Dadan Ketu (Burgerkill Management), and Adib Hidayat (Rolling Stone Indonesia) as the Judges. The candidates assessed by three categories, such as arrangement, production, and social media activities. At April 19th, 2017, the Big 30 of WMBI 2017 was announced. They are Aftercoma (Bandung), Angel of Death (Sukabumi), Asiaminor (Bandung), Auticed (Bandung), Beside (Bandung), Colours and Carousels (Bandung), Dead Vertical (Jakarta), Deadbunny (Banjarmasin), Devormity (Bandung), Gerram (Palembang), Helaragon (Bandung), Hellcrust (Jakarta), Humiliation (Bandung), Koil (Bandung), Lord Symphony (Solo), Lose It All (Bandung), Melody Maker (Jakarta), Mom Called Killer (Denpasar), Monster Stupid Face (Bandung), Nectura (Bandung), Neurosesick (Malang), New Day Is Over (Banjarbaru), Roots (Bandung), Roxx (Jakarta), Scared of Bums (Denpasar), Screaming Factor (Malang), Sufism (Bandung), Sunday Sad Story (Semarang), Taring (Bandung), and Trojan (Denpasar). This Big 30 will be compiled in a compilation titled Wacken Metal Battle Indonesia 2017 and will be released for 500 copies as a promotional material for WMBI 2017’s bands and will be given for free at Wacken Open Air, Germany 2017 to international music industry stakeholders that considered are able to help Indonesian metal scene to be developed.
At April 22nd, 2017, the Indonesian Judges with International Judges, John Resborn (The Metal Rebel) and Dom Lawson (Metal Hammer Magazine) determined the Big 10 to have their final performance on Final Show WMBI 2017. The candidate assessed by the songs generally and their physical release. They are Beside (Bandung), Gerram (Palembang), Hellcrust (Jakarta), Koil (Bandung), Nectura (Bandung), Neurosesick (Malang), New Day Is Over (Banjarbaru), Sufism (Bandung), Taring (Bandung), and Trojan (Denpasar). This Big 10 will compete on Final Show WMBI 2017 and held at May 14th, 2017 at Gudang Persediaan PT. KAI, Bandung. In this event, one band will be chosen, and this band will represent Indonesia, not only the extreme scene. Before the rundown was stated, all of the 10 bands did a drawing to determine their performing schedule. Their performances closed by Burgerkill, a band that had their slot for performed at Wacken Open Air, 2015.
A day before the Final Show WMBI 2017, at May 13th, 2017, all of the candidates and organizers stakeholders with the Judges and Steering Committees gathered at Grand Tebu Hotel, to have a sharing session about Indonesia International Metal, technical judgment for Final Show WMBI 2017, and other things for being developed in Indonesia music scene. At May 14th, 2017, Final Show WMBI 2017 was held and all of the bands showed their best performances. In this event, the Judges decided to choose Beside as the most representative band from Indonesia to go to Wacken Metal Battle, Wacken Open Air, Germany 2017.
Finally, congratulation for Beside! Do your best in the name of nation and make the Indonesia extreme scene getting ahead. All of the candidates of WMBI 2017 are Indonesian best bands. Now, all of them are compiled in a page of history of International Metal Movement. We need to manage these 238 bands from 59 cities in Indonesia, and of course the 28 countries that will compete in Wacken Metal Battle, Germany. We need to establish our friendship and learn for more advantages thing.
All Hail \m/


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