09.01.2017 10:33: Wacken Metal Battle Norway: Semifinale Dates and Bandapplication

Metalheads! Here are the semifinale dates for the Wacken Metal Battle Norway.

semi-finale|Arendal|Munkehaugen Scene|March 24th
semi-finale|Bergen|Inside Live & Rock Café|March 10th
semi-finale|Jevnaker|Glassheim|March 4th
semi-finale|Oslo|Olsen på Bryn|March 4th
semi-finale|Tromsø|Bastard Bar|March 24th
semi-finale|Trondheim|Good Omens Bar|March 18th

If you are interested in applying for one of the dates please have a look here:
Arendal: Munkehaugen Scene, March 24th
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Bergen: Inside Live & Rock Café, March 10th
Send application here:
Jevnaker: Glassheim,March 4th
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Oslo: Olsen på Bryn, March 4th
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Tromsø, Bastard Bar, March 24th
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Trondheim: Good Omens Bar, March 18th
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Good luck and horns up!

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