Often under-estimated, but always a force to be reckoned with. Canada has forged such heavyweights as Exciter, Annihilator, Skull Fist, Devin Townsend, Voivod, Anvil, Into Eternity and more. The Quebec region, re-known for their love of extreme metal, has spawned the likes of Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, Martyr, Gorguts and Quo Vadis. Not to mention an impressive new wave of modern metal including Alexisonfire, 3 Inches of Blood, Protest The Hero, Cancer Bats, Baptized In Blood and Despised Icon.
Canada continues to be a strong supporter in the global metal scene by offering such contributions as the Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles publication, filmmaker Sam Dunn’s series of Metal documentaries including the critically acclaimed Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, the annual Noctis Valkyries Metal Festival & Conference, and the Heavy MTL festival.
In 2013, Canada’s own Crimson Shadows were crowned the Metal Battle international winner. A feat not easily achieved, and one of which we take much pride.
The year 2015 will be Canada’s 3rd annual participation in the Wacken Metal Battle and will include 10 major cities in total: Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Victoria. Only the strongest of contenders will be chosen to participate, to yield one true champion, and represent their nation with highest honor at the Wacken Open Air Festival.

Metal-Battle Tourdates in Canada


Schedule City Venue Date
Round 1 Calgery Dicken's Pub 8 JAN 2015
Round 2 Calgery Dicken's Pub 9 JAN 2015
Round 1 Saskatoon Rock Bottom 16 JAN 2015
Round 1 Winnipeg The Zoo 16 JAN 2015
Round 2 Winnipeg The Zoo 17 JAN 2015
Round 3 Calgery Dicken's Pub 5 FEB 2015
Round 1 Montreal Katcombes 12 FEB 2015
Round 2 Montreal Katcombes 20 FEB 2015
Regina - Prairie final Regina The Exchange 20 FEB 2015
Round 4 Calgery Dicken's Pub 26 FEB 2015
Round 1 Vancouver Red Room 1 MAR 2015
Round 1 Edmonton The Pawn Shop 5 MAR 2015
Calgery final Calgery Dicken's Pub 6 MAR 2015
Round 1 Toronto Bovine Sex Club 6 MAR 2015
Round 2 Vancouver Red Room 8 MAR 2015
Round 2 Edmonton The Pawn Shop 12 MAR 2015
Round 2 Toronto Hard Luck 13 MAR 2015
Round 3 Vancouver Red Room 15 MAR 2015
Round 3 Edmonton The Pawn Shop 19 MAR 2015
Round 3 Toronto Rivoli 20 MAR 2015
Round 1 Ottawa Mavericks 21 MAR 2015
Round 4 Vancouver Red Room 22 MAR 2015
Round 4 Edmonton The Pawn Shop 26 MAR 2015
Round 1 Victoria The Cambie Esquimalt 27 MAR 2015
Round 3 Montreal Katcombes 27 MAR 2015
Round 4 Toronto Bovine Sex Club 27 MAR 2015
Round 5 Toronto Rivoli 3 APR 2015
Round 1 Quebec City L'Agitee 4 APR 2015
Vancouver final Vancouver Rickshaw Theatre 10 APR 2015
Toronto semi final 1 Toronto Rivoli 18 APR 2015
Montreal final Montreal Katcombes 23 APR 2015
Toronto semi final 2 Toronto Hard Luck 25 APR 2015
National final Toronto Opera House 6 JUN 2015

Metal-Battle Winner in Canada

Winner Band: tba.

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- 30.12.2014
Wacken Metal Battle Canada is proud to announce its expansion to Ottawa, Quebec City,[...] more »

- 05.07.2013
This year Canada participates for the first time in the Wacken Metal-Battle competition.[...] more »

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