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  • Bands can only apply in their respective countries.
  • Your band doesn’t have a Record deal and isn’t about to sign to a label in the near future.
  • Your band can easily play a 30-minute set consisting of your own songs.
  • Using Audio Samples in Live performance is allowed.
  • You’re not a band that won former, which means the year before, Metal Battle heats.
  • Bands that participated in the years before, but didn’t win any of the regional heats may re-apply.
  • Bands that won national or international finals can’t participate anymore
  • All performing members of bands need to have a valid passport to travel to Germany. The passport needs to be valid for 6 Months before they intend to fly to Germany to get their Visa.
  • German Visas must be obtained in their respective German Consulates in your country of performance
  • All travel for heat & international travel is to be paid for by the band itself.
  • Wacken Open Air provides FOH & LD for the band. Hence having your own FOH & LD will not be allowed.