6. April 2023

Metal Battle Winners from Germany to Play at Wacken Open Air 2023

One of Hamburg’s own bands is ready to relaunch with a heavier and more dynamic approach to the metal scene. With an upcoming album “FULL BODY STOMP” (November 2022), and newly reinvented trio signed with the legendary label Massacre Records! No longer waiting in the dark, the heavy groove fans have a lot to look forward to, as Detraktor stomps their bodies with massive riffs just waiting to be unleashed to the world. Their previous album “Grinder” was just a short introduction to what the band is really capable of, and now with the support of a new drummer, Pablo Cortes (Undercroft), the band has invented a record worthy of all of the attention. See you on the road!

Detraktor were the Metal Battle Germany winners in 2017 and now will be performing at Wacken Open Air 2023

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7. March 2023

UKRAINE – Announcement

We are honoured and thrilled to declare that nothing on earth nothing can stop the power of heavy metal. Metal is all about breaking boundaries, blurring borders, spreading camaraderie and being united, no matter where you’re from. Heavy metal is all-inclusive, and there is no bigger family than metalheads bonded together by their sheer dedication to the music they love. As the legendary Bruce Dickinson says – “We are all bloodbrothers”

Having said that, it is an incredibly proud moment for us that our partners in Ukraine are going full steam ahead with the Metal Battle in Kyiv against all odds. We salute them wholeheartedly and we’re sure the rest of the metal world will too. So, go out and support your local promoters and your favourite bands, buy their merch and bang your heads to kingdom come. Remember, your support keeps them alive!

19. January 2023

UKRAINE – Announcement


The first announcement from W:O:A Metal Battle Ukraine 2023

On April 22, in the capital’s Volume Club, there will be a competition among Metal and Hard Rock bands for the opportunity to participate in the world’s largest W:O:A Metal Battle competition, which is held as part of the Wacken Open Air festival.

The winner will go to the International Final, where he will represent Ukraine among dozens of the strongest bands from around the world!

The first participants are already known:

Midgard is an independent metal band from the centre of Ukraine, Kaniv, created in December 2015 by Klym Apalkov. At first, it was positioned as a “one-man band”, but quickly turned into a full-fledged band.
It all started with the song “Black Drakkar”, which made a good impression on fans of folk and Viking metal.

Midgard is currently finishing work on their fourth album “Yggdrasil” and re-recording their third album “Tales Of Kreia” in Ukrainian.

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