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First 10 bands announced

20 years of W:O:A Metal Battle! Not only have we invited various winners from the past to celebrate the anniversary, but of course there will also be 30 finalists from all over the world competing for this year’s @wackenmetalbattle.official crown!

The first 10 final rounds around the globe have already taken place and we can therefore introduce you to the first 10 winners who will advance to the international final round at W:O:A 2024.

Please welcome:
from Caucasia & Türkiye – @blacktooth_tr
from Central America – @fleshless_entity
from Indian sub-continent – @kasck_thrash
from Japan – @jpndjentthall_paramena
from Luxembourg – @aeonik_band
from South America Northern region – @maquinainfo
from Saudi Arabia – @wastedlandofficial
from Ukraine – @karabinerthrash
from Sub Saharan Africa region – @sunken_state
from Netherlands – @inheritedband

Congratulations to everyone! The next 10 finalists will be announced very soon!

CAUCASIA & TURKEY, India, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Southern Africa, Ukraine