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ANNOUNCEMENT – 15 Metal Battle bands announced

This year the W:O:A Metal Battle will take place for the 18th time and today we can already confirm the first 15 finalists of this years edition! 🤘

Here are the contestants from all over the world:

Argentina – NVLO

Caribbean – Left Ovr

Caucasus & Türkiye – Black Tooth

Iceland – Krownest

Japan – Phantom Excaliver

Philippines – Redeemed By The Blood

Lithuania – Death In Taiga

Mexico – Horrid Sight

Middle East – Erasing Mankind

Norway – Ghetto Ghouls

Romania – Blacksheep

South Africa – Middle Grounds

Sweden – Misery Oath

Uruguay – Forastero Western Metal

USA – Fadrait

Argentina, Caribbean, Egypt, Iceland, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, Romania, Sweden, Uruguay, USA