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This is the official page for the Wacken Metal Battle in Angola. Winners of Angola’s national final will face off against champions from South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique under the banner of Southern Africa. The ultimate showdown for Southern Africa will take place in South Africa. The victor of this round will then advance to compete with other global finalists at the grand finale of Wacken Open Air.

Important Information before applying.

  1. Self-funded Expenses: All participating bands must cover their own travel and accommodation expenses.
  2. Regional Heats:
    • Bands are required to travel to the closest city in their country for a regional qualifying heat.
    • Regional heats depend on the number of bands submitting from each city.
    • A minimum of THREE bands is required for each regional heat.
    • Regional heats are scheduled for February and March of 2024.
  3. Finals:
    • Bands that qualify as finalists from each region need to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa for the final competition.
    • The final is set for April/May of 2024.
  4. Global Competition:
    • The winning band of the final, representing Africa, will need to travel to Hamburg, Germany to participate in the global metal battle.
  5. Passport Require
    • Every member of the participating bands must possess a valid passport to gain entry for the events.

Bands must ensure they’re aware of these requirements and plan accordingly.

The applications are now CLOSED.