Metal-Battle Tourdates in China


Schedule City Venue Date
North China
Beijing Beijing 13 Club 16th Mar 2012
South China
Guangzhou Tekkwun Livehouse 23rd Mar 2012
East China
Shanghai Shanghai Yuyintang 25th Mar 2012
Final Battle
Beijing Beijing 13 Club 1st Apr 2012

Metal-Battle Winner in China

Winner Band: The Falling

Duo Tian (The Falling) Means all the powers what against to The God. But here we give the two words a new idea --- Revolution. Duo Tian's ex-name is Renyu (Mermaid). And the band has reborned at 666 (06.06.2006). The former leader and singer YAN just finished his study in UK around that time.

With the new vocalist Wang Yutian, things got more professional both in songwriting and live performances and soon the quintett has become one of the best Chinese metalcore bands available. They play on big festivals and also open for famouse oversea bands such as In Flames, Suicide Silence, Mnemic, Psycroptic, The Kandidate, Scarre By Beauty, etc.

June 2008: Participated in the Metal Battle 2008 China and was announced Best Songwriting.
April 2012: Participated on Metal Battle 2012 China and won as Best Chinese Metal Band. They will go to W.O.A. Festival the same year to compete against winner bands from other countries.

Taken from
The name of the band, "The Falling", has various stories and explanations in terms of different cultures and religions. In general, the name reveals a fearless and persistent attitude, which is the core spirit of the band. The band hopes to awaken people to their music through their earnest voice and attitude.

Since their formation in 2006, The Falling has toured several countries around the world. Those experiences of working with world-class bands has been an inspiration to them. An increasingly diverse array of foreign bands now come to China, exposing both their uniqueness as well as common features. This has motivated The Falling to innovate and be more diverse in their style.

In the early stage of their development, finding the right band members was the toughest issue. It took one year for them to settle every position, from musicians to the tuner. Now the band has a steady team. Well known for its hardcore style, the band has actually been approached by many sponsoring companies to change their style and add more pop music elements, in order to attract a broader audience. However, band members would rather switch their career than switching their style of music.
Many of the fans of The Falling are also singers and musicians, who are regarded as "friends" by the band. These fans are passionate, direct and persistent, acting as a great support for the band. For instance, at their recent Hong Kong show, many fans from Guangzhou and Shenzhen went to see their performance despite a typhoon hitting the coast. In the end though, the show was forced to cancel because all the performance equipment got soaked by the pouring rain. But the fans still kept waiting for over an hour before the stage was taken away and they had to leave. That passion from fans touched the band a lot and motivated them to created better music.

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