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03.09.2014: Crimson Shadows - Metal-Battle winner of 2013 premiere brandnew video exclusively with!

Toronto’s CRIMSONSHADOWS were the winners of the W:O:A Metal-Battle contest in 2013 and are now ready to release their second album Kings Among Men. Listeners can expect Epic Metal with stunning guitar solos and powerful vocals from[...] more »

01.08.2014: Metal Battle 2014: Here are the winners!

The winners of the 10th international Metal Battle finals are determined! This year, the five bests bands will be honored with cash prizes (sponsored by the Wacken Foundation) and material prizes. The first place goes to [In Mute] from[...] more »

24.07.2014: Metal-Battle 2014 - The Prizes

Every year more than 30 international bands are battling against each other to win the W:O:A Metal Battle – and this year for the 10th time in a row. National preliminaries and final rounds took place everywhere between Canada and South[...] more »

23.06.2014: MB Belgium - Trouble Agency won the finale

And here is the winner of the Metal-Battle finale 2014 - Trouble Agency! Trouble Agency were formed in 1993 by ex-band members of Cyclone, Necrosis and Decedence. After another few line-up changes and a lot of live performances together[...] more »

23.06.2014: MB China - Evocation enters the Metal-Battle finale 2014!

The next Metal-Battle 2014 finalist comes from China and is called Evocation. About Evocation: Evocation was formed in 2002 and one of the leading death metal bands from Hong Kong. Evocation is characterized by its blending of Eastern[...] more »

23.06.2014: MB Italy - The winner is Crying Steel

Italy is ready for the final round. Crying Steel beat the competition and will represent Italy during the international finals in Wacken. Crying Steel was founded in 1982 in Bologna and have a long history filled with succesful records,[...] more »

23.06.2014: MB Luxembourg - Cosmogon enters the finale

Luxembourg has chosen the national Metal-Battle winner of 2014. The death metal band Cosmogon will proceed to rock the finale at this year´s Wacken Open Air. Biography: "Founded in 2011 out of the ashes of Luxemburg's Death Metal[...] more »

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